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Landscape Design Technologies

Some garden and planting designs can still be well presented with traditional landscape plans, but when it comes to architectural landscape design, David J. Frank goes to the next level.  We combine the age-old art of landscaping with the modern science of computer-aided design.  But more than just CAD plans, we use state-of-the-art landscape and design programs to bring ideas to life.


Use this link to view a brief video about our design technologies.


3D Landscape Design

Landscaping, and particularly hardscaping like stone walls or wooden decks, can be major projects that deserve careful consideration so we offer 3d landscape software.  First, a full color plan is created in CAD, then the plan is modeled in 3D, applying textures, plants and even shadows in remarkable detail.  Architectural features such as retaining walls, gates and shade structures can easily be added to show how these elements can improve the look and feel of the property.  Once created, clients can enter the virtual environment, walking through or flying over the area to get a real sense of the layout.


This new technology takes much of the guesswork out of design, and eliminates many costly misunderstandings and the disappointment that clients sometimes have when the finished project doesn’t live up to their expectations.  Now clients know exactly what to expect, right down to details like brick patterns and the height of their rose buses, before we even break ground.

Digital Imaging

For smaller projects, we use digital imaging to present our ideas for new and improved landscapes.  We take a picture and digitally superimpose images of plants and other features to show how they could enhance the existing landscape.   These “before and after” landscaping pictures are a simple but extremely effective way to convey our ideas and their impact on a property.



Use this link to view a brief video about our design technologies.