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Post-Drought Lawn Care & Turf Renovation Services

Summer droughts and scorching temperatures can be very damaging – or deadly – to lawns.  Even those with automated irrigation can be affected if the system is not used properly.  What's more, many Wisconsin lawns are already challenged by poor soil, too little soil over clay, compaction, insect problems, drainage issues and more.  If drought or other conditions have taken a toll on your grass, you may need special help to bring your lawn back to life.


David J. Frank Landscape Contracting and Lieds-Frank Residential Landscapes have the expertise and resources to diagnose your lawn problems and provide an appropriate solution.  In some cases, you may be surprised by how easily the right care can transform struggling turf into a showcase lawn.



In addition to licensed lawn product applicators, we have team members with degrees in horticulture, agronomy, etomology, mitology and more, plus turf management specialists with years of experience in identifying and treating the causes of thin, brown, patchy or dying grass.


These specialists are then supported by crews with specific training in methods than can bring your lawn back to life – services many lawn care companies can't offer, for problems they can't fix.  Of course, we offer exceptional fertilizing and weed control too, but we are clearly a cut above when it comes to revitalizing a sick lawn or renovating a lost one.



If your lawn looks like this ...

... you WILL need special help if you want this:

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Contributing Factors For Bad Grass


There are many factors to consider when evaluating an ailing lawn.  Beside obvious contributors – like a drought or damage caused by machine or foot traffic -    accessibility, shade, slope, subsoil, poor drainage, compaction and condition of the existing lawn can complicate the rehab process.  The difficulty level naturally affects pricing, but with the proper tools and training, almost any lawn can be restored.


About the Drought ...


Grass is incredibly resilient but even it is not immune to the effects of an extended drought.  It will respond to hot, dry conditions by going dormant, but after about six weeks, a lawn won't recover without special care or possibly, replacement.  When a drought pushes a lawn past the point of no return, reseeding, sodding, lawn renovation or lawn replacement will be necessary.  If your lawn didn't bounce back in fall, chances are you'll need professional help to bring it around in spring.


Rx For A Thin Lawn:  Overseeding


For a standard lawn that is stable but thin, we often recommended overseeding, which is adding additional grass seed with a special "slit seeder" machine.  This piece of equipment has blades that cut small trenches for seeds, which are dropped directly into each furrow and automatically covered by offset discs.


This is ideal when the soil is good, and we don't need to add topsoil or topdressing.  Our overseeding service includes starter fertilizer to encourage a strong start, and we adjust for other factors as needed.


Rx For A Struggling Lawn:  Topdressing


In cases where conditions (large areas of dead grass, little or no topsoil, poor soil or excessive stone) inhibit a healthy lawn, topdressing is a good approach.  This involves several steps, based on existing conditions and difficulty:



- Remove dead grass to allow for seed germination and new growth;

- Add topsoil to fill any depressions, then topdress with ½" of compost;

- Sow seeds, roll, fertilize and if necessary, finish with erosion control mat or penn mulch.


Our lawn care experts remind you that, if you plan to simply reseed some areas on your own, DO NOT apply your usual spring "weed and feed" product.  Any pre-emergent herbicide (like crabgrass preventer) will also prevent grass seed from germinating.


Rx For A Dying Lawn: Turf Renovation


There are situations where grass just won't grow – due to drought or other damage, poor soil, compaction, heavy shade or drainage problems – so you need to rebuild the lawn from the ground up.


Depending on the severity of conditions, we can begin by power-thatching and removing dead materials, then aerating and removing plugs to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate hard, inhospitable ground.  Followed by topdressing and seeding, new grass can be introduced to landscape.


In extreme cases, the entire lawn is best removed and replaced with new soil and seed selected specifically for that site, but we consider this a last resort.


The Importance of Maintenance


The methods described on this page are the first steps toward a better lawn, but if you are not committed to regular maintenance, you are simply wasting your time and money.  Grass is a living part of your landscape and it cannot survive – let alone thrive – without adequate water and food.  Proper watering is the single most important factor in starting new grass from seed, so know that you will have to keep it evenly moist until it is well established.

You should also be aware that you will have some weeds in a newly seeded lawn; this is normal and actually helps prevent erosion while grass is forming its own root system.  Once you have a stronger lawn, we can easily eliminate the weeds and achieve a showcase quality lawn that enhances the beauty and value of your entire property.



Rx For A Healthy Lawn: Ongoing Care


EVERY lawn needs help to stay healthy and look its best.  Our award-winning service program includes:



- A spring dethatching and fall core aeration

- Fertilizer applications 3-4 times per year

- Summer milorganite application to boost color and growth

- Broadleaf and spot weed control as needed

- Adequate irrigation (1" per week)

- Regular inspections for pests and disease



Our Promise ...


Our goal is to provide you with an accurate assessment of your lawn and recommend the most appropriate and cost effective way to improve it.  We encourage you to ask questions and promise to treat you and your lawn with the utmost respect and professionalism.

David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc. was founded in 1959 and has a proven track record of success in advanced lawn care as well as landscape architecture, construction and installation services, exterior renovations, landscape maintenance, irrigation, interiorscaping, tree services, snow removal, holiday décor and more.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in all aspects of adding beauty and value to your property.