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Annual Flower Design:
Flower Pots, Container Gardens
and In Ground Beds

There's nothing like annual flowers for adding color to a patio, storefront, office entry, front yard landscaping or any place that needs a seasonal boost.  Containers of potted flowers and grasses are a great alternative to traditional landscaping when “land” is in short supply.  Whether they stand alone, in groups to showcase flower varieties or are added to a garden design for special interest, potted plants work just about everywhere.


No space is too large or too small – David J. Frank can design raised beds, plant in-ground flower beds or provide flower pots of all sizes and styles.  And we offer a full range of “container recipes” – unusual combinations that are unique in color, texture, height, fragrance and more.


More than just traditional geraniums, petunias and potato vines, we provide the most colorful flowers including hybrid varieties, tropical plants, accent trees and ornamental grasses.  We then offer seasonal care – fertilizing, watering, deadheading and disease control – to make sure your flower containers always look great.


For information on professional, high impact annual flower displays for your home or business, talk to a David J. Frank maintenance specialist.  Or for ideas and samples of our work, visit our Annual Flower Portfolio.