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Lawn Care Programs, Lawn Services and Special Care for Drought-Damaged Lawns

A healthy, weed free lawn is the foundation of every great landscape, and David J. Frank offers complete, affordable lawn care to enhance your entire property.  But more than just another lawn service, we are lawn and turf specialists with advanced training and expertise in diagnosing and treating problem lawns.


We offer a full range of services, tailored to your needs and budget, because regular care is the key to a healthy, happy lawn, season after season.

It may not feel like it, but NOW is the time to start thinking about spring lawn care!  Beat the rush and stay a step ahead of those first weeds.

Call or click now for a free estimate:  262.255.4888 or


If your lawn looked like this last summer ...

we can help it look like this in spring!

Bring your lawn back to life with special care from David J. Frank!

Click here for more information on fixing a lawn with brown, patchy or dying grass, hard dry soil, standing water, insect or fungus problems and more.


Better Care for Healthy Lawns:  Exceptional Fertilizing and Weed Control Services

Even a healthy lawn needs regular care, and we offer a better choice at a great value.  We use only all granular, slow release fertilizer for lasting results and sparing but effective use of herbicides. 

Our most popular program is seven applications over four visits, including early spring fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control, followed by spring and fall fertilizing and broadleaf weed applications, plus a final late fall winterizer.

We have several lawn care and weed control options available - ranging from two to eight visits per season and varied application schedules - to provide you with the most appropriate level of care for a specific property, including a new organic program for complete lawn care.


For 100% organic lawn care, we use only pure corn gluten meal which is effective for pre-emergent weed control when used in spring and fall, plus monthly (May-Oct.) applications of a biological fertilizer, micronutrients and mycorrhizal booster for a healthy lawn, naturally.


All our lawn care services promote a thick, healthy lawn, but some additional spot weed control may be needed.   This is effective and kinder to the environment than simply covering your entire property with many unnecessary lawn chemicals as some companies do.  Instead, we take a more targeted, careful approach to weed control and still deliver results will make neighbors green with envy.


We offer free estimates and look forward to showing you the difference David J. Frank can make.  Our volume of lawn maintenance work means we can keep costs down and give you a great lawn at a great value.

Contact us for a free quote or with questions: or 262.255.4888

As a green landscaping company, we provide a full range of services for your lawn and turf, including irrigation design and installation, lawn sod or seeding, de-thatching, core aerating and more.  Whether you’re starting grass from seed or just hoping for a greener lawn, trust David J. Frank for affordble, award-winning service.