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Every winter, you ask yourself ...

Why haven't I moved to Florida?

Why is it so hard to find a good snow contractor?

We can't help you with the first question, but we know what it takes to deliver reliable winter services ...

Here's what you should ask BEFORE you sign a snow plowing contract:

1. Will my snow contract be clear and easy to understand?

2. Does your proposal explain ALL the possible “extras” and “special fees” I might incur?


3. Do you know each client’s needs during a snow emergency?


4. Do you keep track of salt/de-icer use for each job?


5. Do you have a “command center” staffed at all times to track weather and coordinate crews?


6. Do you use the latest equipment and resources?


7. Do you own and maintain your own fleet?


8. Do you have an experienced customer service and billing staff?


9. Do you offer special employee training programs for your winter teams?


10. Do you record and track customer satisfaction from year to year?


11. Are you fully insured if a problem should arise?


12. Are you fully prepared if winter comes early or lasts longer than usual?


At David J. Frank, our answer is “YES” to all of the above, and we offer free estimates for businesses throughout Metro Milwaukee!

Ask us about snow plowing, shoveling and salting for your business: