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Specialty Services
& In-House Expertise

David J. Frank offers expertise in a number of specialties that extend well beyond the scope of a traditional landscaping contractor. We provide a complete range of landscaping services as well as skilled assistance in a number of related technical fields.  By bringing all the necessary services together within our one company, we can better meet your needs with time-saving, hassle-free coordinated care.



Lawn Service

is provided by licensed applicators for a thick, weed-free lawn.  The quality and volume of our work means a better lawn doesn’t have to cost more.  We also have expertise in pest management, diagnosis of turf disease and drought damage repair.


Environmental Services

including consulting with our LEED certified landscape architect, are the key to energy-saving, sustainable ideas for outdoor areas.  Green roofs, live walls, permeable paving, rain gardens, native plantings and more.


Landscape Renovation

has many facets, so we not only offer landscape designing but we also have grading operators, masonry experts for brick patio and stone walls, carpenters for decks and fences and specialists in LED and low voltage outdoor lighting.


Annual Flowers

add immediate, brilliant color.  We design beds and flower pots for businesses and homes of all sizes, using unique combinations of color and texture.  We choose the best plants for conditions and deliver great color through three seasons.



is a true specialty, because plants for indoor use have very different needs than outdoor landscaping plants.  We help green, tropical and blooming plants thrive inside, and help the people who work around them thrive too.


Tree Service

protects one of the most value parts of any landscape:  mature shade and evergreen trees.  Trust a David J. Frank arborist for planting, pruning, pest control and more.  From emerald ash borer treatment to stump grinding, we offer it all, including our our nursery for the best selection of new trees.


Irrigation Systems

have become more sophisticated and efficient, with moisture sensors and off-site programming.  Stop moving sprinklers and hoses all summer - let us show you how to save time, money and water while protecting your landscape.



Athletic Fields

requires special knowledge and equipment.  We have the expertise to create and maintain winning sports fields.  From subsurface and drainage to special turf and border plantings, team up with David J. Frank for the best soccer fields and more.



Holiday Decorating

allows you to show your spirit without struggling with lights and ladders.  From a single wreath to full displays, we make the holidays more enjoyable by decking the halls of your home or business for you.


Snow Removal

is essential for Wisconsin businesses, so trust our reliable, on-call fleet of 200+ plowers and shovelers to keep your property safe and accessible.  We schedule around your business hours and are careful to use enough - but not too much - salt fo the safety of people, plants and property.


Still want more?


If your property needs it, chances are we can do it, better and more cost-effectively than any other landscaper in Wisconsin.  Please contact us with any questions and for a free, no-obligation estimate.