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  • January

Week 1:

  • Winter covering can be made from the boughs of discarded Christmas trees.
  • Check rodent bait stations.
  • Check landscape material for rodent damage.
  • Review your landscape and make notes regarding what areas would benefit and be more interesting next winter with the addition of evergreens, ornamental grasses or decorative items. 

Week 2: 

  • Make a list and check pricing for tools you may need this spring.
  • Check the tools you have and note any necessary repairs, sharpening or replacement.
  • Avoid heavy applications of salt to minimize plant and pavement damage. Sand and cat litter can be used as a substitute or mixed with smaller amounts of salt. 

Week 3: 

  • During mild days, winter pruning can be accomplished. Never prune spring blooming shrubs.
  • Prune maples, birch and dogwoods before the sap runs.
  • Check winter protection covering plants and trees if you desire flowers. 

Week 4: 

  • Spray antidesiccants on evergreen hedged in mild weather. Read instructions for application guidelines.
  • Check summer bulbs in storage for mold, mildew or drying out; discard damaged bulbs.
  • Void piling ice and snow on shrubs.


Remember that hot, dry months will return; get a quote on an automated irrigation systems from your friendly DJFLCI service rep.