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Annual Flower Portfolio

  • Color You Can Bank On


    This bank uses bold colors to welcome guests.

    Color You Can Bank On
  • Wells Done!


    Wells Fargo welcomes guests with stunning summer flowers.

    Wells Done!
  • Beautiful Bayshore


    Pocket gardens make this walking mall worth a visit in summer.

    Beautiful Bayshore
  • Trees please!


    Ornamental trees are the focal point in these large flower containers.

    Trees please!
  • Prime Time!


    Entrances at Woodland Prime Office Park feature row after row of annuals.

    Prime Time!
  • Flower Border


    Mass plantings of annuals create simple but stunning border.

    Flower Border
  • Flowers and Vines


    Potted flowers and vines create height and dimension that complement the pergola.

    Flowers and Vines
  • Accenting with Flowers


    Large flower pots frame a fountain.

    Accenting with Flowers
  • Colorful Horticulture


    Pink and purple petunias surround a classic water feature.

    Colorful Horticulture
  • Capitol Garden


    Bright flower combinations energize walkers near the State Capitol in Madison.

    Capitol Garden
  • Bayshore Flowers


    Long blooming flowers like this canna lily are used at the Mall.

    Bayshore Flowers
  • Flowers for Sun


    Sunny locations around Bayshore are filled with colorful annual flowers.

    Flowers for Sun
  • Patio Flowers


    This brick patio is surrounded on all sides by both annual and perennial flowers.

    Patio Flowers
  • Milwaukee's River Walk


    Flowers adds to the enjoyment of a stroll in downtown Milwaukee.

    Milwaukee's River Walk
  • Mayfair Flowers


    Huge flower pots soften the hardscapes of the large shopping mall.

    Mayfair Flowers
  • Alverno Landscaping


    The Union entrance features amazing urban gardens.

    Alverno Landscaping
  • Business is Blooming!


    Any company can benefit from the positive impact of professional landscaping.

    Business is Blooming!
  • Having a Ball ...


    David J. Frank has cared for the landscape at Ball Corporation for many years.

    Having a Ball ...
  • Tone on Tone


    One kind of flower in several shades makes a beautiful bed.

    Tone on Tone
  • Flowers at Schlitz Park


    Coleus and impatins tolerate both shade and heavy traffic at this urban site.

    Flowers at Schlitz Park
  • Graduate to Color


    Alverno gardens feature daylilies, dusty miller, petunias and more.

    Graduate to Color
  • Boxed In ...


    Boxwoods border beautiful purple annuals at this downtown business.

    Boxed In ...
  • Sumac and Sunflowers


    There are no limits to what you can plant in large flower pots.

    Sumac and Sunflowers
  • Layers of Color


    FIS in Brown Deer uses David J. Frank for its color program.

    Layers of Color
  • Seeing Red ...


    Red begonias complement this red brick home.

    Seeing Red ...
  • Tis the Season ...


    It's like Christmas in July, thanks to this green and red flower bed.

    Tis the Season ...
  • Flower Street


    Retailer and restaurants use flowers to attract customers.

    Flower Street
  • Bed Time!


    Beautiful annual beds enhance this elegant home.

    Bed Time!
  • Be Bright!


    Annuals of different heights, colors and textures make the most interesting arrangements.

    Be Bright!
  • Mixed Medium


    Perennial grasses mix well with annual flowers.

    Mixed Medium
  • Orange Your Glad ...


    ... you called David J. Frank for annual flower design?!

    Orange Your Glad ...
  • First Color


    Planting tulips in containers provides early spring color.

    First Color
  • Fall Flowers


    For color through cool weather, try fall mums and kale.

    Fall Flowers
  • Just Beachy ...


    Get a warm feeling by using tropical plants in annual containers.

    Just Beachy ...
  • Flowers at Monona Terrace


    Rows of yellow, red and purple flowers fill these Capitol beds.

    Flowers at Monona Terrace
  • Statuesque!


    Use bright annuals to accent outdoor art.

  • Lots of Color in the Lots


    Use circle and island beds to break up acres of asphalt.

    Lots of Color in the Lots
  • Think Pink


    Pink petunias are perfect in this formal planting area.

    Think Pink
  • Cannas and Cardinals ...


    Canna lilies and cardinal flower take red to new heights.

    Cannas and Cardinals ...
  • Entrance at ASQ


    The downtown business makes room for Mother Nature.

    Entrance at ASQ
  • Unusual Combinations


    Mix all kinds of plants and flowers for amazing annual arrangements.

    Unusual Combinations
  • Pastels with Punch


    Annuals in pastel colors are easy to enjoy.

    Pastels with Punch
  • Hip-Hip-Hibiscus!


    A large flower pot is perfect for hibiscus and other annuals.

  • Pretty Petunias


    Big leaves and little petunias are a great combination.

    Pretty Petunias
  • Flower Tower


    Plant up with cannas and coleus!

    Flower Tower
  • No Table, No Problem


    Waiting to be seated is a pleasure at Maggiano's Little Italy.

    No Table, No Problem
  • A for Annuals


    Make a corporate statement with custom annual plantings.

    A for Annuals
  • Amazing Annuals


    Bring any area to life with colorful annuals by David J. Frank.

    Amazing Annuals
  • Flower Power


    Contrasting colors pop at Alverno.

    Flower Power
  • Rooftop Garden


    The green roof at Landmark on the Lake is green, pink, purple, red, yellow and more.

    Rooftop Garden
  • Flowers at Mayfair


    Impatiens add amazing color in the medians.

    Flowers at Mayfair
  • Annuals for Shade


    Brighten a shady area with impatiens, hostas and other cool annuals.

    Annuals for Shade

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