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Vance Barnes

  • Hilltop patio ...


    A Hartford landscape offers spectacular views from the irregular blue stone patio. Fieldstone walls and a line of landscape boulders form natural boundaries.

    Hilltop patio ...
  • Great grounds ...


    This business worked with Vance Barnes to develop a stunning exterior for its corporate headquarters that includes six ponds surrounded with natural stone and native landscape plants.

    Great grounds ...
  • Art In The Open


    This garden was designed as an open air gallery for a collection of garden sculptures and wrought iron art. Plants were chosen to surround the pieces without overpowering them.

    Art In The Open
  • Wood Fence and Shade Structure


    The detail, artistry and craftsmanship of the carpentry work is obvious in this custom pergola and surrounding landscape. The wooden fence provides privacy and security in this backyard retreat.

    Wood Fence and Shade Structure
  • Funky firepit ...


    Thie shape of this unique three-sided fire pit follows the graceful lines in the patterned brick and blue stone patio. The bright neon green of the tiger eye sumac contrast with the dark stone.

    Funky firepit ...
  • Pergola around a pool


    This custom pergola encompasses a curved pool deck. The base is a chilton stone bench wall surrounded by perennial gardens.

    Pergola around a pool
  • Large Water Fountain


    A side garden features a custom travertine patio surrounding a formal fountain and reflecting pool. Newly planted gardens contain perennial flowers, evergreen groundcovers and ornamental trees.

    Large Water Fountain
  • Front Landscaping


    Patterned brick and stone pavers create an elegant entrance. There is a “green wall” between the entry and the garage, while ornamental landscape trees and annual flowers line the front walk.

    Front Landscaping
  • Ponds Rock!


    This pond serves a dual purpose as both a focal point in the landscape and also as retainage for rainwater. Large landscape boulders help prevent erosion and create a more natural embankment.

    Ponds Rock!
  • Outdoor Kitchen


    This patio has everything for outdoor cooking and entertaining, including an stainless steel outdoor refrigerator and built-in grill.

    Outdoor Kitchen
  • Modern Outdoor Fountain


    Modern landscape architecture at this medical facility is enhanced with a stainless steel and glass water feature. The fountain is surrounded by new shrubs and landscape lights.

    Modern Outdoor Fountain
  • From Virtual to Reality


    The previous picture shows the concept; this one shows the completed landscape. Computer aided design goes far beyond typical blueprints, and better designs mean better results.

    From Virtual to Reality
  • Backyard Waterfall


    A pondless water fall is the focal point of this small back yard. Landscape rocks, including lannonstone give this man made waterfall a natural, inviting look.

    Backyard Waterfall
  • Outdoor Room


    This room without walls is an intimate gathering place in this suburban yard with rolling topography and new landscaping. A pergola with shade sail covers the bluestone patio.

    Outdoor Room
  • Outdoor Fireplace


    A stone fireplace warms the bluestone patio and its guests on cool nights. A bench wall provides extra seating and encloses the area to create a more defined space.

    Outdoor Fireplace
  • Small Circular Patio


    The curves of the paved patio and walks add interest to this small landscape project. Hostas and annabelle hydrangeas thrive along the side of the house, and annual flower pots add color.

    Small Circular Patio
  • Patio and Brick Wall


    Colors and the curved pattern of the stone patio compliment a simple brick wall in this landscaping picture.

    Patio and Brick Wall
  • Front Stoop With Style


    By redefining the scale and details of this front sidewalk, the landscape architect was able to create a more inviting entry. A low stone retaining wall addresses a slight grade change with style.

    Front Stoop With Style
  • Waterfall, Gazebo and Fireplace


    A gazebo overlooks a waterfall and small pond in this woodland landscape. In front of the stone fireplace is an inlay pattern of a compass in the stamped concrete floor.

    Waterfall, Gazebo and Fireplace
  • Something Old, Something New


    Landscape renovation can revitalize your yard without losing its old charm. This landscape photo shows how an antique gated arbor makes a new patio seem more welcoming.

    Something Old, Something New
  • Backyard Fireplace


    Ideal for dining, entertaining or relaxing, this landscape includes a blue stone patio, custom fireplace, a pondless waterfall and a pergola flanked by serviceberry.

    Backyard Fireplace
  • Barbecuing with style ...


    A built in grill with bedford capstone counters makes it easy to prepare and service all your cook-out favorites. Lights are wired through the pergola so even late dinners are no problem.

    Barbecuing with style ...
  • Front entry as a focal point ...


    Artful cedar and stone pillars form an open-concept structure that draws attention to a hard-to-find front door. The angles of the weed beams compliments those of a nearby sculpture.

    Front entry as a focal point ...
  • Comfy Hartford Cabin


    After remodeling the home, owners of this rustic Hartfor property worked with Vance Barnes to add a beautiful stairway of kodiak outcropping stone.

    Comfy Hartford Cabin
  • Waukesha landscaping


    This Waukesha home now includes an outdoor room with a customer pergola, bluestone patio, set-in-turf steppers and a recirculating fountain.

    Waukesha landscaping
  • Bay de Noc stone walls ...


    Colorful baydenoc stone is used in the walls of this newly landscaped backyard. The design created more usable space on a very small property.

    Bay de Noc stone walls ...
  • Stonewalled!


    A tiered landscape makes a small yard look larger. Here, Vance Barnes used locally sourced outcropping stone for the walls and planted layers of mixed perennials and flowering shrubs.

  • Wood fired pizza at home ...


    A wood fired pizza oven and pool cabana were added to this existing landscape to make it more fun. Chilton stone veneer was used on both to compliment the existing patio.

    Wood fired pizza at home ...
  • Large corporate landscape ...


    Vance Barnes was the landscape architect for the development of this 200 acre corporate headquarters. The site has 6 ponds, 19 acres of naturalized prairie and hundreds of new trees.

    Large corporate landscape ...
  • Patio overlooking perennials


    This raised patio now overlooks a redesigned reflecting pool at the center of a large, layered perennial garden.

    Patio overlooking perennials
  • Realistic rendering ...


    Using Sketch Up and other landscape design software tool, Vance Barnes can offer 3D plans with incredible detail.

    Realistic rendering ...
  • Walled patio


    This small yard became much larger and usable after regrading and the installation of bluestone and brick patio and a stone retaining wall.

    Walled patio
  • Plants for shaded landscapes


    Colorful, shade-tolerant plants and a fountain fill an irregular planting bed on this patio that includes both brick pavers and bluestone steppers.

    Plants for shaded landscapes
  • Square off in the backyard ...


    Square lannon steppers in the lawn work well with the square fire pit, a square inlay of natural stone in the brick paving and a square planting bed also built into the patio.

    Square off in the backyard ...
  • Wall planters


    Raised planting bed were built into this stone wall so gardens could be included in the now mostly hard-scaped landscape.

    Wall planters
  • Rock the landscape ...


    Masons at David J. Frank carefully cut these bluestone and brick pavers to incorporate a boulder as a natural accent.

    Rock the landscape ...
  • Stoop, to a new level


    This stoop and front entry was redesigned with a simple but elegant brick edge and risers, plus a low lannon stone wall to set off a small planting bed in the front yard.

    Stoop, to a new level
  • Circular stoop


    This new stoop adds instant curb appeal to an older Milwaukee home. The lannon stone and brick pavers perfectly match the materials on the home's facade.

    Circular stoop
  • Landscape lights ...


    Path lights add interest and invite you into the garden after dark.

    Landscape lights ...

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