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  • /uploads/01-Murphy.jpg

    This manicured, colorful front landscape makes a positive impression.

  • /uploads/02-Murphy.jpg

    Red canna lilies, begonias and pennisetum create a dramatic display.

  • /uploads/03-Murphy.jpg

    Daylilies, Russian sage and feather reed grass add long lasting color.

  • /uploads/14-Murphy_001.jpg

    Colorscaping with annual and perennial flowers makes the landscape part of a more lively lifestyle.

  • /uploads/04-Murphy.jpg

    A simple arbor and path of stone steppers leads to a great backyard design.

  • /uploads/05-Murphy.jpg

    Creat a “green room” with live walls of arborvitae and yews.

  • Rockin' On The Patio


    A rocking chair is a classic piece for the patio.

    Rockin' On The Patio
  • /uploads/07-Murphy.jpg

    Bright umbrellas are ideal for a patio surrounded with flowers that need sun.

  • /uploads/08-Murphy.jpg

    Regular maintenance keeps spent flower petals from ending up in the waterfall.

  • /uploads/09-Murphy.jpg

    The sloping landscape is layered with shrubs, perennials, annuals flowers and grasses.

  • /uploads/10-Murphy.jpg

    Small sculptures add interest without detracting from the flowers.

  • /uploads/11-Murphy.jpg

    Choose annual and perennials flowers carefully for combinations that provide great color and contrast.

  • /uploads/12-Murphy.jpg

    Simple purple coneflowers are a staple for attracting birds and butterflies.

  • /uploads/13-Murphy.jpg

    Marigolds and potato vines camouflage otherwise unattractive but essential culverts

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