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  • Under The Glass Ceiling


    The glass paneled roof of the Institute provides ample sunlight for extensive interior plantings.

    Under The Glass Ceiling
  • Must See Mesozoic Garden


    This rare indoor garden features only plants that can be traced back to the age of dinosaurs.

    Must See Mesozoic Garden
  • Moving Trees


    Moving trees take special care; it's even more difficult to engineer subfloor beds and irrigation to sustain them.

    Moving Trees
  • Special Tools for Interiorscapes


    Most landscaping machines cannot be used indoors, so we have special interiorscape equipment.

    Special Tools for Interiorscapes
  • Team Work For Tree Planting


    Installing these large indoor trees required manually moving the root ball into position then heaving it upright.

    Team Work For Tree Planting
  • Using Landscaping Rock Indoors


    Huge blocks of limestone for the Mesozoic Garden were placed on pipes to be rolled into position.

    Using Landscaping Rock Indoors
  • Upper Atrium At The Institute


    The fourth floor features a garden-like lounge with a live wall of bamboo to buffer noise from the open atrium.

    Upper Atrium At The Institute
  • Irrigation Included


    Prehistoric plants in the mesozoic garden thrive in this modern space, thanks in part to a tiered irrigation system.

    Irrigation Included
  • Layers of Green


    A rich blend of plant material, with a variety of shades and textures, provides a lush look at WID/MAR.

    Layers of Green
  • Water Wall


    The large wall fountain on the left makes this indoor garden feel and sound like a real rain forest.

    Water Wall
  • Natural Canopy


    Trees planted below the floor form a natural canopy over kiosks at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

    Natural Canopy
  • Green Walls


    A green wall of plants separates the onsite restaurant from the main hall of the research institute.

    Green Walls
  • Then and Now


    Plants in the Mesozoic garden contrast beautifully with the futuristic design of WID/MAR.

    Then and Now
  • At the Core of Learning


    This research facility has nature at its center with a tree-lined grand atrium.

    At the Core of Learning
  • Unusal Plants


    The mesozoic garden includes a Monkey Puzzle Tree, Podocarpus, Screw Pine and Australian Tree Ferns.

    Unusal Plants

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