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Backyard Landscapes

  • /uploads/09-Murphy_001.jpg

    This landscape by Zach Lieven is a garden's dream - three seasons of amazing flowers!

  • /uploads/100_9115.jpg

    Enclosed but not closed. A short wall and pergola create a great room for entertaining al fresco.

  • /uploads/009-Kundert.jpg

    This elegant backyard landscape was created by Jane Frank.

  • /uploads/3-After.jpg

    This complete landscape by Allan Schraufnagel includes an outdoor kitchen, fountain, fire place and more!

  • /uploads/DSC04128.jpg

    A backyard fireplace is perfect for creating warm memories with family and friends.

  • /uploads/8-21-09-086.jpg

    Park-like property! Let us create a perfect space to share with friends!

  • /uploads/09-A-French-Country-Retreat.jpg

    Improve your property value with an elegant back yard!

  • /uploads/100_3110.jpg

    A sunken patio feels secluded but not confining.

  • /uploads/01-Zarr_001.jpg

    No time for a vacation? Create your own backyard escape!

  • /uploads/100_4925.jpg

    Traditional gardens never go out of style!

  • /uploads/5-24-07-225_001.jpg

    The focal point of this backyard landscape by Vance Barnes is the patio shaded by a pergola.

  • /uploads/06-Augustin_001.jpg

    A waterfall flows past this spa deck on both sides on its way to a pond in the lower landscape.

  • /uploads/08_002.jpg

    Elemental landscaping! Fire, water, earth and air come together in this modern backyard.

  • /uploads/08-18-06_7292.jpg

    Ponds and gardens are part of this incredible backyard green space.

  • /uploads/08-18-06_7294.jpg

  • /uploads/10-Worthy_001.jpg

    Gardens surround the deck in this wonderful landscape by Jeffrey Miller.

  • /uploads/11_002.jpg

    The best landscape designs consider the owner's interests as well as the style of the home and property.

  • /uploads/DSC_0031.jpg

    Spectacular back yard landscape, perfectly designed!

  • /uploads/DCP_0500.jpg

    There's still something about a white picket fence that just feels like home.

  • /uploads/12-Augustin_001.jpg

    Fireside dining! A fireplace on the patio lets you enjoy cool evenings.

  • /uploads/14-Twilight.jpg

    A poolside cabana with bar, kitchen and changing rooms makes this landscape user friendly.

  • /uploads/100_0129.jpg

    Outdoor rooms are in! Make the most of your home by making the most of your backyard.

  • /uploads/100_1088.jpg

    Even small yards can be home to big landscape ideas.

  • /uploads/100_1422.jpg

    Landscaping a sloped or hilly yard is challenging but worth the effort!

  • /uploads/100_2872.jpg

    Coming up roses! Easy-care hybrids and reblooming roses are making classic gardens popular again.

  • /uploads/100_4191.jpg

    A lovely patio is like having an extra room, without the ceiling!

  • /uploads/100_5820.jpg

    Like to entertain? Create a backyard you want to show off all summer long!

  • /uploads/100_6881.jpg

    Combine annual and perennial flowers in your landscape for color that never quits!

  • /uploads/100_7085.jpg

    With a professional landscape design, your backyard could be your new favorite room!

  • /uploads/100_8331.jpg

    Even in Wisconsin! Enjoy a landscape with a tropical feel, like this one designed by Jeff Hershberger.

  • /uploads/100_8849.jpg

    A beautiful backyard needs the right plants. Ask us about garden design and installation.

  • /uploads/2012-PLANET-Merit-Stollen-7.jpg

    A patio overlooking a wooded lot is the perfect place for relaxing and bird watching.

  • /uploads/Augustin-Awards-008.jpg

    This landscape design features a walled patio and hot tub under a pergola - perfect for relaxing!

  • /uploads/Baumgartner(JLH)7.jpg

    This cool backyard includes walls of outcropping stone, a water fall and a raised terrace with fireplace.

  • /uploads/Copy-of-DSC00855.jpg

    Peaceful! Let David J. Frank create a piece of heaven in your backyard!

  • /uploads/DJFLCI-Luna-015.jpg

    Even a small lot in Milwaukee is transformed with professional landscaping.

  • /uploads/Doerr-14.jpg

    Glorious gardens! Sometimes it's important to remember than landscaping is about the land!

  • /uploads/DSC04533.jpg

    Garden statues remind us all to be still and just enjoy the flowers!

  • /uploads/gallun(kae)_2.jpg

    Including a pool in your landscape means including fun!

  • /uploads/IMG_9434.jpg

    Traditional homes are enhanced by traditional gardens.

  • /uploads/July-2-2009-005.jpg

    Landscaping a condo or duplex? Both sides can agree on great flowers!

  • /uploads/lieds-archive3.jpg

    A large patio has something for everyone - fire place, hot tub, dining and more!

  • /uploads/MAR-09.jpg

    This award-winning landscape by Jeff Hershberger compliments the architecture of the classic home.

  • /uploads/McDonagh(JLH)6.jpg

    Making the grade makes sense! Add a retaining wall and stone steps to maximize a steep backyard.

  • /uploads/michel(kae)_5.jpg

    Decks are popular landscaping features, especially when combined with a new patio and planting beds.

  • /uploads/omdahl(kae)_7.jpg

    No project too small - David J. Frank designs decks and patios of all sizes.

  • /uploads/P1010111.jpg

    A raised terrace overlooks the backyard landscape.

  • /uploads/P3261061.jpg

    Well-rounded: a circular patio, paving accents, fire pit and flower pots share a similar theme.

  • /uploads/patio-5.jpg

    Interesting paving makes a small patio seem bigger and better.

  • /uploads/sra00584.jpg

    A swimming pool plus landscaping equals backyard bliss!

  • /uploads/Ziegler(JH)_17.jpg

    Lighten up! Let David J. Frank make designing the perfect landscape fun!

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