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Drought Alert:  New Plants Need More Water

Due to recent high temperatures and dry conditions, your annuals and new plants could be dying of thirst!  It takes trees, shrubs and perennials one to three years to send out and re-establish their root systems so they need extra water while young to survive a drought.  Please remember to water all plants thoroughly during dry spells, and follow these recommendations for new and young plants:


- Groundcovers, deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees, as well as lawns, should receive a thorough soaking once every week.  This is accomplished by watering slowly at the base of the plant, so that the entire root system gets a much needed drink.  For lawns, a sprinkler can be left in place for one to two hours. 


- If your lawn has been installed this spring, it requires watering every other day when there is no rain.


- Annual flowers and new perennials should be checked for moisture and watered daily during the first month.  During the second month, every other day is appropriate and thereafter, twice a week.  This recommendation can be adjusted in accordance with weather conditions.  Annuals and perennials tell you they are thirsty by wilting; if this occurs, the plant has already been severely stressed but it can often bounce back if it gets a thorough soaking right way.  

Free Estimates on Irrigation

The summer months are already busy, so consider an automated irrigation system that takes care of the watering for you - even while you're at work or on vacation.  Call us for a free estimate on a state-of-the-art sprinkler system that will protect against drought damage and ultimately save time, water and money.


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