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Corine Meyer

  • Great companies look the part ...


    The landscape at Continental in Menomonee Falls shows commitment to quality, inside and out.

    Great companies look the part ...
  • Begonia Border at Schlitz Park


    Begonias and coleus add color in front of a shrub line at Schlitz Park in Milwaukee.

    Begonia Border at Schlitz Park
  • Color Matters!


    A large concrete entry is more inviting when a few sections are replaced with planting beds.

    Color Matters!
  • Cheers to Beer Capitol


    Landscaping at Beer Capital distributors is maintained by Corine Meyer of David J. Frank.

    Cheers to Beer Capitol
  • Lilacs in Bloom


    Lilacs add spring color, while other trees, shrubs and flowers add beauty in summer and fall.

    Lilacs in Bloom
  • Commercial Landscape Care


    Large properties like Beer Capitol benefit from our ability to provide a full range of services.

    Commercial Landscape Care
  • Help For Dry Lawn


    If grass is damaged or dying, we can bring it back to life with professional, custom lawn care.

    Help For Dry Lawn
  • Complimentary Colors


    Corine Meyer of David J. Frank designs flower beds with a variety of colors and textures.

    Complimentary Colors
  • Take Containers To New Heights


    Use canna lilies in containers to create columns of color at the entrance of a home or business.

    Take Containers To New Heights
  • Hung Up on Hanging Baskets


    Get your landscaping off the ground with unique combinations in hanging baskets.

    Hung Up on Hanging Baskets
  • Tons of Color


    Nothing clashes in nature's palette! Orange, blue and green annuals are a gorgeous combination.

    Tons of Color
  • Formal Garden


    Large flower pots with dramatic arrangements soften the facade of this walled garden.

    Formal Garden
  • A rose is a rose ...


    but they have many names! This garden has more than 30 varieties of roses.

    A rose is a rose ...
  • Landscaping for a business


    Smart companies use plants and flowers to welcome and impress customers.

    Landscaping for a business
  • Lots of Color


    Even parking lots seem "green" when you add islands of flowers.

    Lots of Color
  • Frame your name


    Use flowers to draw attention to company signs and project a positive image.

    Frame your name
  • Partners for Better Properties


    Corine Meyer works closely with management at Schlitz Park to maintain a Class A appearance.

    Partners for Better Properties
  • Ground Control


    Grounds at Schlitz are carefully tended with a full schedule of landscape and portering services.

    Ground Control
  • Planting day lilies ...


    Daylilies come in many colors, but a mass planting of a single variety makes a bold statement.

    Planting day lilies ...
  • Impatiens with impact ...


    Impatiens thrive in shaded areas, so they are an ideal flower to put at the base of big trees.

    Impatiens with impact ...
  • Premier home landscaping ...


    Distinctive homes deserve a great landscape; frame your home with living art!

    Premier home landscaping ...
  • Live wall ...


    This living border has color, thanks to echinacea, hydrangeas and geraniums.

    Live wall ...
  • Biking to work is a beautiful thing ...


    ... especially when you can park by a lovely garden like this one at Schlitz Park.

    Biking to work is a beautiful thing ...
  • Planting perennials ...


    Fill your garden with yarrow, sedum, bee balm, daisies, hostas and grasses for lasting beauty.

    Planting perennials ...
  • Easy being green ...


    Grass, groundcover, trees and shrubs create a tone-on-tone landscape with no lack of variety.

    Easy being green ...
  • Curb appeal ...


    Add interest to a front landscape with a line of trees and beds of both annuals and perennials.

    Curb appeal ...
  • We put the "park" in Schlitz Park ...


    Even with little park-like green space, Schlitz Park earns its name with dozens of small gardens.

    We put the
  • Perfect pong ...


    A fountain brings a pond to life, but it also aerates the water to minimize algae.

    Perfect pong ...

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