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Fire Pits

  • /uploads/100_7805.jpg

    An open pergola around the fire pit creates a beautiful outdoor room.

  • /uploads/100_4897.jpg

    A few steps from the wooden deck is a stone patio with fire pit for evening enjoyment.

  • /uploads/JH0100-(22).jpg

    All the right elements ...this lakefront landscape celebrates earth, air, fire and water!

  • /uploads/photo-1-(4)_001.jpg

    This beautifully angled fire pit incorporates materials for the surrounding patio and walls.

  • /uploads/000_0499.jpg

    This custom fire pit is also a unique water feature.

  • /uploads/DSCN0729.jpg

    Gas fire pits are a simple way to enjoy nights outdoors without the mess of wood and ash.

  • /uploads/9-Firepit_001.jpg

    This fire pit, built into stone steps, has all the right curves.

  • /uploads/10_Private_Oconomowoc_Residence.jpg

    This lakeshore landscape features a fire pit for warmth, light and fun!

  • /uploads/100_2481.jpg

    With a great fire pit and professional putting great, this landscape is fun day or night.

  • /uploads/11-Kids-&-Friends.jpg

    Friendly fire! Make your backyard the place to be for kids and friends!

  • /uploads/100_3676.jpg

    A blue stone patio with bench walls surrounds a sunken fire pit in this cozy landscape.

  • /uploads/100_6316.jpg

    Enjoy an elegant evening outdoors with this custom fire pit with easy gas igniter.

  • /uploads/04-04-2007-147.jpg

    A natural stone wall around this fire pit offers privacy and protection for cool lake breezes.

  • /uploads/1-Courtyard.jpg

    Decorative accents in the brick patio draw your eye to this unusual fire pit next to the deck.

  • /uploads/100_0083.jpg

    This fieldstone fire pit complements the retaining walls and natural surroundings.

  • /uploads/DSCN0348.jpg

    Consider a fire bowl for the warmth and light of a fire pit without the fuss.

  • /uploads/100_1421.jpg

    Irregular stone pavers and outcropping boulders surround this fire pit, with the large stones doubling as seats!

  • /uploads/100_6740.jpg

    Forget kindling and starter logs - this ultra modern gas fire pit makes it easy to enjoy a night on the deck.

  • /uploads/100_2070.jpg

    The irregular shape of the patio adds interest to a simple fire pit.

  • /uploads/photo_002.jpg

    After an evening swim, warm up around a fire, made easy with gas starter.

  • /uploads/DSCN0393.jpg

    Many modern fire pits use gas and fire glass rather than wood as an easy, clean alternative.

  • /uploads/100_1679.jpg

    Invite your circle of friends over to enjoy this patio featuring round tables and fire pit.

  • /uploads/Ziegler(JH)_17_001.jpg

    Light up the night with a fire pit by David J. Frank Landscaping.

  • /uploads/100_3734.jpg

    Simple pleasures! A concrete patio with brick borders allows for easy entertaining.

  • /uploads/100_6992.jpg

    Fire pits must be properly designed or the heat will damage a stone or brick facade.

  • /uploads/100_7365.jpg

    It'll feel like a real campfire in this cool rustic fire pit.

  • /uploads/101_0944.jpg

    A curved pergola and patio work well with a round fire pit in this landscape.

  • /uploads/072211144013.jpg

    Create a natural looking fire pit with irregular stone.

  • /uploads/Bergstresser(JLH)_5.jpg

  • /uploads/Greinert1.jpg

    Get away in your own backyard! This fire patio is perfect for your next "stay-cation."

  • /uploads/IMG_1792.jpg

    Crushed granite and outcropping stone are a simple but safe set up for safe fires on wooded lots.

  • /uploads/patio-4_001.jpg

    Franklin Place Condos included this great patio with firepit for all tenants to enjoy.

  • /uploads/IMG_20130718_113435_062.jpg

    Keep patios cleaner by covering fire pits when not in use.

  • /uploads/Wein-016.jpg

    Just add smores and your family will love your new landscape.

  • /uploads/low-circle.jpg

    Simple seating around a fire pit adds elegance and warmth to any patio.

  • /uploads/Parade-04-(JW).jpg

    Incorporate patterns from the patio into the fire pit for a more cohesive landscape design.

  • /uploads/photo2.jpg

    Elegant outdoor fires help you make the most of a short summer.

  • /uploads/riederer(JLH)202_bench_irregular_flag_firepit.jpg

    David J. Frank specializes in patio designs that complement the style of the home.

  • /uploads/tushaus(kae)_1.jpg

    It's hip to be square with a great patio and fire pit like this!

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