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  • Maggiano’s Landscaping


    Maggiano’s is known for its diverse and heavily planted landscape and outdoor patio.

    Maggiano’s Landscaping
  • Using Trees for Privacy


    The restaurant's landscape is planted with mature trees, shrubs, flowers, groundcover and a small lawn.

    Using Trees for Privacy
  • Italian Oasis


    This Italian eatery is a garden oasis amid the bustle of Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa.

    Italian Oasis
  • Al Fresco Dining


    Patio seating is popular, especially here where trees and gardens form green walls on three sides.

    Al Fresco Dining
  • Welcome to Little Italy


    David J. Frank cares for the walks, containers and benches, as well as the gardens.

    Welcome to Little Italy
  • Daylily Border


    The north side of the restaurant features a small lawn area and a border of red and yellow day lilies.

    Daylily Border
  • Evergreens and Hardy Roses


    A wall of evergreen arbor vitae and a line of hardy shrub roses are a beautiful buffer for the crowded parking lot.

    Evergreens and Hardy Roses

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