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Lawn Sprinkler Systems Save More Than Grass!

Summer can mean hot, dry and potentially damaging conditions for your landscaping. Don’t let a late-summer drought wilt and weaken your flowers, turf and trees; call David J. Frank's Irrigation Specialists and learn about the smart way to water.

We can design and install an automatic sprinkler system that can save your grass and plants, and also save you time and money. With an automated irrigation system, you can relax instead of wrestling with hoses and sprinklers. You can even take that vacation without worrying about returning to scorched plants and a brown lawn! From irrigation to architecture, David J. Frank is a refreshing way to improve and protect your property.


We also offer complete sprinkler system repair and service, from spring start-ups and timer settings to winterization.  Call 262.255.4888 for reliable irrigation service, and leave the watering and the worrying to us.


An automatic, underground irrigation system will do all the work for you, without the hassles of moving of hoses and sprinklers.


An in-ground irrigation system uses far less water than manual sprinklers, and applies it slowly and evenly for better absorption and less run off and erosion. We can even use rain water harvesting techniques for a green system that helps the environment and preserves natural resources.


Besides reducing your water bill, you can also save money with a sprinkler system by reducing plant replacements.  Your lawn and landscape will be stronger and healthier, and less likely to succumb to scorching, drought damage, pest problems and disease. A sprinkler system can save you the trouble of removing dead plants and the cost of buying new ones.


A lush lawn and landscape can make any home or business more attractive.  And having an irrigation system means no unsightly hoses stretched across the lawn and damaging the grass if not moved constantly.


Once you've made an initial real estate investment, or added new features, make sure they last.  Spending a little more now on an irrigation system proteccts your investment and insures that you can enjoy it for years to come.


Quality homes include convenient features that once were considered a luxury, and lawn irrigation is one of them.  Installing lawn sprinkling hardware adds to your home's resale value, and improves curb appeal by caring for your lawn and gardens.

Let Us Help!

David J. Frank Irrigation Services are reliable, affordable and available throughtout southeastern Wisconson.  We are experienced with all brands, including Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro and more, and can design watering systems or trouble-shoot your existing irrigation grid.


Call for more information - 262.255.4888 - or send your request to

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