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"I See Your Trucks Everywhere"... Because Of These Guys!


L to R: Todd Mazurek (2 years), Jeff Unger (3.5 years), Josh Mesich (5 months), Cory Deruyter (6 months), Mark Molkenthen (19 years), Scott Pieffle (1.5 years), and Don Becherer (33 years).


Department Showcase:  David J. Frank's Superstar Shop

- by David J. Frank


"One of DJFLCI’s most important support departments is our repair and maintenance shop facilities. This group of approximately 10 professional mechanics is led by our Cory DeRuyter and veteran supervisor Don Becherer. The team has the enormous job of maintaining the company’s huge fleet of 165 vehicles, 150 trailers, 80 major tractors and 2,500 pieces of unit equipment and implements. WOW …talk about a big job!! This team earns our thanks and respect every day, as they execute repairs and provide maintenance on all this machinery that makes our field work so much easier. It is an absolutely essential company service.


The way Cory and Don keep track of close to 3,000 pieces of equipment is truly remarkable. Certainly, their efforts have a constructive impact on safety! Currently, one of the key initiatives in which the Shop Department is participating has to do with our Fixed Asset Management Program. One of DJFLCI’s Lean Teams made considerable progress approximately 12 months ago, developing some suggestions to improve security, preventive maintenance and utilization of this enormous fleet of fixed assets. The Repair Shop’s end of that is to develop and implement an electronic system which will help the team track repairs and preventive maintenance and schedule this work accordingly. We all can appreciate how complicated this is, given the quantity of equipment the company owns. This is a considerable undertaking and will hopefully be accomplished by January 1, 2017. DJF and the Management Team recognize and celebrate the incredible work being done by our team of professional mechanics. Many thanks to you all!"

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