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Delivering Quality ... By the Truckload!

(L to R: Jason Baerber (7 years), Jesse Baerber (6 years), Terry Baerber (34 years), Landon Stucky (2 years) and Gary McCarthy (3 months)


Department Showcase:  DJFLCI’s All-Star Trucking/Transport/Materials/Logistics Team

- by David J. Frank


Our Management Team was commenting at recent meetings about how many accolades, appreciations and “honorable mentions” the Trucking Department consistently gets from both sales and crews. They are one of the support teams whose contributions are not frequently publicized, so we wanted a special article to recognize our Logistics Team and the many contributions they are making.


Jason Baerber, our Logistics Manager, is our leader in this area, and has always played a hands-on role in the deliveries of DJFLCI equipment and supplies from vendors to HQ and from HQ and vendors to job sites. At the same time, he re-supplies crews with materials, delivers equipment and implements and is responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of his team. Jason has been in this position since March 1st, 2015 and has had a major impact on improving the smoothness, efficiency, timeliness and accuracy of the deliveries that are being done.


Like other departments, Jason’s team thrives on timely, accurate and complete information. There are times when they show up at a job site and the crew leader asks, “Did you bring this? Did you bring that?” and they can only answer “This and that were not on the load lists” so of course they did not bring them. As with all departments, we have to support our Trucking Team and provide timely, accurate and complete information so they can do their job.  Together, we can all work smarter, not just harder.


A huge thank you and “attaboy” for the great job our Trucking Department is doing for the company!  Keep up the good work!

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