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Walls - Brick

  • /uploads/102_1472_002.jpg

    Landscape walls help define open spaces, add privacy and often hold address markers or lights.

  • /uploads/diana_0686.jpg

    Masonry walls give outdoor spaces a feeling of security and stability that you just can't get with traditional fencing.

  • /uploads/100_0764.jpg

    This classic courtyard is surrounded by brick walls with herringbone patterned panels on each side for interest.

  • /uploads/100_3377.jpg

    Brick retaining walls form raised beds in this traditional landscape.

  • /uploads/100_0552.jpg

    Partial walls at an entry make a home feel guarded and secure, without closing you in.

  • /uploads/04-28-2005_4119.jpg

    A semi-circle half-wall makes the front landscape feel like an extension of the home.

  • /uploads/101_1097.jpg

    Brick walls with decorative capstones make each entry at this condominium complex seem more private and personal.

  • /uploads/Gurican(JH)004.jpg

    Brick risers match the brick wall around the stairs and patio.

  • /uploads/Hacker(JH)004.jpg

    Brick bench walls around this patio ensure there is no shortage of seating.

  • /uploads/IMG_2013.jpg

    This outdoor room has brick walls with matching patterned brick inlays in the patio "floor."

  • /uploads/jansen6(kae)_001.jpg

    Brick and stone are combined to create a unique wall at this front property line.

  • /uploads/new-bader-patio_001.jpg

    This old brick wall was spared and repaired as part of an extensive renovation of this Shorewood landscape.

  • /uploads/Voelker(JH)004.jpg

    A bluestone patio and brick wall matching the home's facade make this front landscape more user-friendly.

  • /uploads/wurtz(kae)_2.jpg

    Classic red brick adds color to a winter landscape!

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