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Interiorscapes Portfolio

  • Interiorscaping Defines Space


    Designing with interior plants is an art that blends the colors and textures of live plants to create living structures like this green wall.

    Interiorscaping Defines Space
  • Tropical Plants for the Home


    Interior plant services are not just for businesses. David J. Frank can provide tropical plants that make your home feel like a vacation destination.

    Tropical Plants for the Home
  • Far Beyond "House Plants"


    Interiorscaping uses plants with purpose. Workers in plant friendly environments like this miss fewer days of work and experience less job stress.

    Far Beyond
  • Atrium With Interest


    Indoor trees and indoors plants aren't just green. Splashes of color add interest and complement the changing seasons.

    Atrium With Interest
  • Mums and More


    Blooming indoor plant programs add dramatic color to commercial settings.

    Mums and More
  • Plants for Office


    Green plants and plants with flowers add a touch of class. High quality silk plants, like these white orchids, offer realistic, long-lasting beauty.

    Plants for Office
  • Healthy Plants Are A Sign of Success


    Whether you see potted trees or a complete indoor garden, plants in the lobby are an immediate indication of a quality work place.

    Healthy Plants Are A Sign of Success
  • Office Plants for Rent


    Smart businesses understand that vibrant plants enhance problem solving skills among their staff, so they often choose rental plants so they are always fresh and easily changed for variety.

    Office Plants for Rent
  • Investing In Green


    Based on averages from the US Census Bureau and Facility/Building raw data, plants offer a $14.51 return on investment per square foot each month.

    Investing In Green
  • Green Is Good


    Potted plants are great for businesses because they help reduce noise levels, decrease temperature and lower humidity in closed office, retail and professional environments.

    Green Is Good
  • Trees Please!


    Adding potted trees and tropical plants to an interior setting is a natural way to create a relaxed atmosphere while supporting a healthy environment.

    Trees Please!
  • We Put The Green In Green Buildings


    As "green" buildings become more mainstream, live plants are essential for keeping true to the concept of natural choices and living environments.

    We Put The Green In Green Buildings
  • Supporting Sustainability


    Interior plants are a solid return on investment and a MUST for any corporation concerned with sustainable "green building" solutions.

    Supporting Sustainability
  • Look Great, Breathe Easy


    Indoor plants look inviting but they also improve air quality by filtering out many of the toxins found in high efficiency office buildings.

    Look Great, Breathe Easy

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