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Jerry Stoffield

  • Gardens That Make The Grade


    These award-winning gardens at Alverno College welcome students with a stunning variety of annual and perennial flowers in both raised beds and hanging baskets.

    Gardens That Make The Grade
  • Landscaping That Gets Noticed


    A raised keystone planter filled with red petunias draws attention to this business.

    Landscaping That Gets Noticed
  • Artful Landscaping


    Jerry Stoffield also provides care for premier home landscapes, like this Shorewood home featuring a reflecting pool surrounded by a collection of custom sculptures.

    Artful Landscaping
  • Caring For Sports Turf


    Caring for a basefall field, soccer field or other sports venue requires special care to stand up to games, practices and Wisconsin weather.

    Caring For Sports Turf
  • Landscaping Ideas For Condos


    Make the most of small outdoor areas, like the courtyard at these Milwaukee condominiums, by adding colorful annual flowers to beds of evergreen shrubs and boxwood hedges.

    Landscaping Ideas For Condos
  • Pretty In Pink


    Marble planters filled with pink petunias make a strong first impression.

    Pretty In Pink
  • Irrigation Keeps It Green


    Professional lawn care, landscape services and irrigation help grass and these shade gardens thrive.

    Irrigation Keeps It Green
  • Spring Color


    Welcome spring with tulips and daffodils as part of your business landscaping plan. Call David J. Frank in the fall to order these and other flowering bulbs.

    Spring Color
  • Butterfly Garden


    Flower beds of perennial coneflowers and daisies attract butterflies to this college campus in Milwaukee. This is just one of many gardens on this meticulously landscaped site.

    Butterfly Garden
  • Layered Landscaping


    Perennials and grasses add depth to this landscape. They require some care, but offer affordable, reliable color season after season.

    Layered Landscaping
  • Landscaping Around A Fountain


    In this university courtyard, a unique fountain is surrounded by flowers. Trees and plants near it are carefully trimmed to minimize debris and all areas are cleaned and portered regularly.

    Landscaping Around A Fountain
  • Outdoor Room With A View


    This urban garden has ample room for entertaining or relaxing in the shade of the arbor or adjacent buildings. Annual and perennial flowers are part of the spectacular views from this rooftop garden.

    Outdoor Room With A View
  • Level The Playing Field


    Keeping an athletic field even and healthy requires specialized care, including occasional top-seeding and overdressing.

    Level The Playing Field
  • Bold Colors In Bloom


    A formal entry looks spectacular with bright impatiens and potato vines.

    Bold Colors In Bloom
  • Planters Perk Up A Storefront


    Large flower pots with annual arrangements make a typical suburban strip mall more attractive.

    Planters Perk Up A Storefront
  • A Slice of Heaven


    A functional triangular planting bed fills this company's "front door" with beautiful color.

    A Slice of Heaven
  • Think Spring!


    Daffodils are a seasonal favorite. Contact Jerry Stoffield if you'd to see more color in your company's spring landscape.

    Think Spring!
  • High Standards for Tree Care


    Unlike smaller contractors who can care for some plants, David J. Frank is equipped to care for even the largest trees on your property.

    High Standards for Tree Care
  • Simple Foundations


    Shrubs and groundcover can be used for neat, low maintenance beds around a home or business.

    Simple Foundations
  • More Stories


    Several stories above ground, this lovely patio can be enjoyed all year. In colder months, evergreen boughs and red twig branches fill the flower pots for seasonal fun.

    More Stories
  • Landscape Is A Home Run


    This baseball diamond welcomes players and fans with beautiful beds of perennials, pennisetum, coleus and bright annuals.

    Landscape Is A Home Run
  • Home Landscaping With Hydrangeas


    Pee gee hydrangeas, with their big white flowers, at height and interest on either side of this small but beautiful patio.

    Home Landscaping With Hydrangeas
  • Ivy and Annuals


    The climbing ivy on this building makes a nice backdrop for a row of colorful annuals and daylilies.

    Ivy and Annuals
  • Pretty Perennials


    Perennials are an affordable, reliable way to enjoy color every year without having to plan and plant each spring.

    Pretty Perennials
  • Caring For Baseball Diamond


    There's nothing rough about this diamond at Alverno College. Jerry Stoffield and his team carefully maintain the field and the surrounding landscape.

    Caring For Baseball Diamond

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