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Outdoor Kitchens

  • /uploads/bayshore-kitchen.jpg

    This model outdoor kitchen by David J. Frank is on display at Bayshore Mall in Glendale ... but it could be in YOUR backyard!

  • /uploads/100_8362.jpg

    Every cookout is an experience in this stylish outdoor kitchen with immediate seating at the granite bar!

  • /uploads/DSCN0934.jpg

    Eat and play on this patio! A complete outdoor kitchen overlooks a fireplace, all designed by Allan Schraufnagel.

  • /uploads/09-Zarr_005.jpg

    This outdoor kitchen has it all - a wet bar, stainless steel grill and burners, wine chiller, refrigerator and more!

  • /uploads/Wein-008.jpg

    Party on the patio! Cook, serve, relax and enjoy in this outdoor kitchen and dining room by Zach Lieven.

  • /uploads/011-Beach-Drive.jpg

    A pool side cabana includes a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and bar, plus changing areas and a restroom.

  • /uploads/10-13-08-020.jpg

    A second kitchen is ideal for summer entertaining. Outdoor appliances are designed to last!

  • /uploads/Landmark-roof-024.jpg

    Lakefront dining in style! A green roof at Landmark on the Lake including areas for outdoor cooking and dining.

  • /uploads/DSCN0414_001.jpg

    Turn your backyard into party central! A retaining wall with waterfall sits behind a fully stocked bar, complete with fire bowls in the granite counter.

  • /uploads/IMG_2613.jpg

    Special perks for employees? An outdoor kitchen for grilling burgers and hot dogs is a great alternative to the cafeteria or fast food.

  • /uploads/DSC_0013.jpg

    Green roofs are a great play for grilling! City living doesn't mean you have to give up outdoor living and entertaining.

  • /uploads/9-1-2005-16.jpg

    Enjoy outdoor cooking and dining in an open air kitchen like this one by Vance Barnes.

  • /uploads/100_1334.jpg

    Abbondanza! This great outdoor kitchen and patio by Jane Frank includes not just a grill but a wood-fired pizza oven!

  • /uploads/9ziegler.jpg

    Amzaing amenities! This outdoor kitchen includes a grill, pizza oven, smoker, warming drawers and more.

  • /uploads/2011-06-11-11-00-18_002.jpg

    Have a pizza party by the pool! A cabana overlooks an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven on this patio.

  • /uploads/5-24-07-277_001.jpg

    A built in grill with a warming drawer is part of this patio kitchen under a pergola.

  • /uploads/9_007.jpg

    A top-of-the-line Fire Magic grill is incorporated in this custom curved patio wall.

  • /uploads/11_008.jpg

    A stone base, granite counters and stainless steel appliances make this outdoor kitchen weatherproof!

  • /uploads/100_0086.jpg

    This patio wall provides cooking and serving areas for summer barbecues.

  • /uploads/Ericson(JH)_396_001.jpg

    Relax outside without having to run into the kitchen - let us add cooking and serving stations on your patio!

  • /uploads/100_1056.jpg

    The entire side of this sunken patio is outfitting as an outdoor kitchen with durable appliances and plenty of serving space.

  • /uploads/100_1234.jpg

    This wall and pergola add privacy to the patio and includes a gas grill and a bench

  • /uploads/100_2654.jpg

    A simple base with side serving stations takes grilling to the next level.

  • /uploads/100_2655.jpg

  • /uploads/100_3391.jpg

    Our outdoor cooking stations are designed so gas tanks and grills can be services as needed.

  • /uploads/100_6752.jpg

    This amazing outdoor kitchen by Jeff Hershberger is built in the round with counter seating.

  • /uploads/100_8882.jpg

    Extra storage was built into this grilling station so the adjacent fire pit is ready to enjoy after a barbecue.

  • /uploads/101_0053.jpg

    An outdoor kitchen at this lake home stays cool under the pergola and offers lots of counter space for serving.

  • /uploads/101_0129.jpg

    Red brick retaining walls include a grill and outdoor lights for evening cook-outs.

  • /uploads/DSC_0007.jpg

    Great ideas for grilling and more! This landscape idea center at Bayshore includes a smoker, grill, refrigerator, garbage compactor and more.

  • /uploads/Diana_3659.jpg

    Enjoy lake living with a patio that includes a fireplace and built in cooking station with gas grill.

  • /uploads/DSCN0426.jpg

    Stainless steel kitchen appliances are available specifically for outdoor use - designed to withstand our weather!

  • /uploads/Grambow1(kae).jpg

    A retaining wall is a convenient place for a built in grill.

  • /uploads/Grambow2(kae).jpg

    A stainless steel gas grill makes cooking outside easy and enjoyable.

  • /uploads/IMG_3435.jpg

    We can build a cabinet for your grill so you can easily rearrange your patio for entertaining.

  • /uploads/IMG_20130718_113328_082.jpg

    Host a classy cook-out! This awesome patio kitchen includes lights in the pergola so it's easy to cook and serve at all times.

  • /uploads/Landmark-roof-006_001.jpg

    We included an outdoor kitchen in this rooftop garden at Landmark on the Lake; enjoy great views while grilling out!

  • /uploads/MAR-06_001.jpg

    A tiered base makes it easy to cook and serve without leaving your patio.

  • /uploads/P1010124.jpg

    One of the hottest landscape trends is outdoor kitchens, even in Wisconsin!

  • /uploads/sept-07-032.jpg

    A backyard retreat is complete with a full service kitchen!

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