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  • /uploads/cont4_001.jpg

    A floating fountain aerates big ponds and creates a focal point in a large commercial landscape.

  • /uploads/DCP_0779.jpg

    Fencing around this pond keeps people from getting too close to the water.

  • /uploads/DSC_0110.jpg

    A patio overlooking a pond provides a peaceful setting during a busy work day.

  • /uploads/DCP_1118.jpg

    A small pond in this business courtyard is a popular gather place during break time.

  • /uploads/2009-Medved-036.jpg

    Waterfalls are a great way to aerate a pond and add interest to your back yard.

  • /uploads/330-exec-alan-u_002.jpg

    Great businesses look the part; frame a corporate office with a great, sustainable landscape.

  • /uploads/img_0648.jpg

    This great pond at Barnabas in Glendale has a double waterfall and dozens of koi.

  • /uploads/x-new-uline-pond.jpg

    Landscape boulders help prevent erosion along the shores of a pond.

  • /uploads/CorporateBuilding_2_001.jpg

    Great landscaping can be a reflection - literally - of a company committed to quality.

  • /uploads/IMG_1635.jpg

    Spring flowers are as fresh as this tier pond after the winter thaw.

  • /uploads/img170.jpg

    Prairie flowers around a pond - what a great combination for an informal landscape.

  • /uploads/DSC_0092.jpg

    A wall of water falls into this large pond on a suburban landscape.

  • /uploads/100_6493.jpg

    A well-maintained koi pond is a great addition to your home landscape.

  • /uploads/04-04-2007-014.jpg

    Spring flowering trees add color to this backyard pond.

  • /uploads/11-A-French-Country-Retreat.jpg

    A small waterfall aerates this home pond to make it a healthy environment for aquatic plants and fish.

  • /uploads/08-18-06_7292_002.jpg

    Stone banks are lined with perennial purple coneflowers on one of two ponds on this property.

  • /uploads/100_5092.jpg

    Having a pond on your property is a lot of work, but it's worth it for views like this!

  • /uploads/100_0180.jpg

    Ponds are popular on commercial properties as part of a storm water management system.

  • /uploads/100_0669_003.jpg

    A pond aerator with fountain helps keep water clean and clear.

  • /uploads/100_0870.jpg

    Landscaping rocks and boulders line this beautiful man-made pond at NML in Franklin.

  • /uploads/100_2512.jpg

    A small pond with center island makes an interesting water feature in a small yard.

  • /uploads/100_2799_001.jpg

    A backyard pond with a waterfall is sure to attract attention ... and local wildlife.

  • /uploads/100_2822.jpg

    A bi-level pond has a recirculating pump in the top pool that feeds the waterfall.

  • /uploads/100_4343.jpg

    Ponds at Johnson Controls are surrounded by native prairie plantings and walking paths.

  • /uploads/100_4855.jpg

    Landscaping at a corporate office should include areas that draw employees outdoors for a healthy break.

  • /uploads/100_5089.jpg

    A Mequon pond is carefully maintained to minimize algae and mosquitoes!

  • /uploads/100_5557.jpg

    A nice view like this makes a day at the office more enjoyable.

  • /uploads/100_6691.jpg

    This natural-looking water feature includes a waterfall in the stone wall, flowing to small ponds below.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-09-24-094.jpg

    Wild flowers around a pond create a peaceful retreat.

  • /uploads/2012-PLANET-Merit-Stollen-2.jpg

    Water like glass ... special care is needed to keep any pond clear and healthy.

  • /uploads/IMG_1777.jpg

    Ponds are great but ... ask us about Away With Geese products to keep these birds at bay.

  • /uploads/awards-08-045.jpg

    Add a bench on the bank of a pond so you can relax and appreciate the natural surroundings.

  • /uploads/burlington-walmart-002.jpg

    Retention ponds are functional but also pretty if well cared for.

  • /uploads/DDoerr-6-13-02-733.jpg

    A beautiful stone shoreline gives this pond a manicured look.

  • /uploads/DJF-08-07-06-035.jpg

    Business parks often include ponds for water retention but also to soften the appearance of a busy site.

  • /uploads/DJF-08-07-06-036.jpg

    Designing a pond requires special knowledge and construction skills.

  • /uploads/DJF-2006-08-02_0532.jpg

    Hidden treasure! This pond is tucked into the side lot of a large Class A business park.

  • /uploads/DSC02170.jpg

    A steep grade in the landscape is an ideal place for a waterfall.

  • /uploads/DSC02814.jpg

    Like pools, ponds are often fenced for safety.

  • /uploads/IMG_0829.jpg

    A sandy beach turns a pond into a swimming hole!

  • /uploads/IMG_1444_001.jpg

    Walls of outcropping stone line the ponds at this Menomonee Falls business park.

  • /uploads/IMG_1456.jpg

    A large office building has views of a crystal clear pond.

  • /uploads/IMG_3002.jpg

    Retention ponds are smart, attractive features for large sites.

  • /uploads/jansen(kae)_18.jpg

    Ask us about service and repair of pond pumps, liners and more.

  • /uploads/jansen(kae)_19.jpg

    Want to attract more wildlife? A waterfall and pond are irresistible to birds and small animals.

  • /uploads/Native-Landscape.jpg

    Ponds look great in all seasons - even fall or when frozen in winter.

  • /uploads/photo-1-(3)_001.jpg

    Lily pads and cattails are popular aquatic plants.

  • /uploads/Putz(AS)_8.jpg

    Water features make any yard more relaxing.

  • /uploads/Stoll-024.jpg

    Bubbles are the best ... healthy ponds need air from a fountain, waterfall or recirculating pump to stay healthy.

  • /uploads/stream-outcrop-mt-stone.jpg

    A stone-lined stream runs between ponds on this business property.

  • /uploads/Voelz(JH)_6_001.jpg

    Several water falls feed this pond at a suburban home.

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