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Paving - Patios

  • /uploads/04-04-2007-147_001.jpg

    Great color and angles make this patio by Vance Barnes unique.

  • /uploads/Bader-Residence-151.jpg

    The next best thing to a red carpet is this limestone walk with red brick accents ... stunning!

  • /uploads/100_0149.jpg

    This enclosed patio by Jane Frank is paved in patterned brick and blue stone, with a brick wall for privacy.

  • /uploads/2009-Alverno-041.jpg

    Businesses and schools can add their stamp to the landscape! The focal point of this patio at Alverno is an engraved seal set in concrete and brick.

  • /uploads/100_6377_001.jpg

    Beautifully curves stone steps lead you to a circular patio paved in irregular bluestone.

  • /uploads/100_7424.jpg

    Concrete patios are more interesting with inlays, like this blue stone "carpet" .

  • /uploads/03HoffmanParade(JMW)_1.jpg

    Stone steppers set in this brick patio create a welcoming path.

  • /uploads/01-Murphy_003.jpg

    Color blocking! Concrete pavers give this corporate patio a tiled look.

  • /uploads/01-Sweeter-with-Thyme_001.jpg

    Mixed brick in a herringbone pattern compliment the edging as well as the colors in the roof.

  • /uploads/04-04-2007-123.jpg

    A bluestone upper patio gives way to brick in this tiered backyard design.

  • /uploads/100_0775.jpg

    Wall block, irregular stone and brick work well in this patio addition.

  • /uploads/100_2480.jpg

    Irregular stone pavers help this patio blend in the natural landscape.

  • /uploads/100_3911.jpg

    Cobble edgers frame this bluestone patio.

  • /uploads/100_5443_001.jpg

    A simple concrete patio is softened with a pergola, outdoor area rug and concrete steppers set in the turf.

  • /uploads/100_5638_001.jpg

    This stone patio - borders with boulders and fieldstone - simply rocks!

  • /uploads/100_6881_001.jpg

    A stone carpet of limestone sets off the dining area on this brick patio.

  • /uploads/100_7365_002.jpg

    Patterned concrete radiates from this unusual fire pit and brick patio.

  • /uploads/100_9277.jpg

    Even small patio have big appeal with the right paving.

  • /uploads/Abitz-(VCB).jpg

    Add something unexpected to you patio - mix brick and blue stone for a custom finish.

  • /uploads/Apple(JLH)2.jpg

    Stamped concrete comes to life with a red brick border.

  • /uploads/Basham(JH)003.jpg

    Simple stone pavers are an easy way to make your patio special.

  • /uploads/IMG_0066.jpg

    Design detail makes the difference in great patios.

  • /uploads/Baumgartner(JLH)_4.jpg

    Colorful paving! Why settle for boring when you can have bright blue stone and brick.

  • /uploads/BDT(JH)003a.jpg

    Custom limestone and sandstone add elegance to this modern lakefront patio.

  • /uploads/daugherty(kae)_1.jpg

    Brick and block! This bi-level patio has crushed stone on top and brick below, with a built in mulched bed for flowers.

  • /uploads/Dean(AS)_1.jpg

    Simple elevation makes this patio more interesting.

  • /uploads/DSC00137.jpg

    An unusual shape makes a small patio seem larger.

  • /uploads/Ericson(JH)003.jpg

    Bluestone is not just blue! This popular paver offers shades of brown, red, gray and blue.

  • /uploads/EricsonJHx.jpg

    Dress up any backyard with colorful paving for your patio.

  • /uploads/gallun(kae)_7.jpg

    Surround a pool with non-slip concrete, but then use stone and brick for side interest.

  • /uploads/goldberg(kae)_13.jpg

    Small but fun! This little patio packs a punch with it's geometric design.

  • /uploads/photo-2-(7)_001.jpg

    Brick and bluestone is cut to accommodate this natural landscape feature.

  • /uploads/IMG_9110.jpg

    Sandstone and limestone create a polished look for this elegant patio.

  • /uploads/Kemp(KAE).jpg

    Create great space with a well-designed patio!

  • /uploads/lueder(kae)_7.jpg

    Use patterned paving to create focal points in your new patio.

  • /uploads/michel(kae)_7.jpg

    Pretty paths! Combining complimentary brick and stone in both the walks and walls creates an inviting outdoor space.

  • /uploads/Milettipatio1.jpg

    This patio takes shape with a great paving pattern.

  • /uploads/Mohuiddin(KAE)_1.jpg

    Interlocking circles of brick and concrete tie together different areas of this backyard design.

  • /uploads/obrien(kae)_3.jpg

    Rich color enhances the hardscape of this small backyard landscape design.

  • /uploads/Pittelkow(JMW)_1.jpg

    Simple elegance! Quality paving is the key to an interesting patio.

  • /uploads/Puhl(JH)003.jpg

    Bluestone insets and wall caps complete this cohesive patio design.

  • /uploads/Riederer-(JLH).jpg

    Rustic charm! This stone patio with circle bench seating is perfect for bringing friends and family together.

  • /uploads/riederer(JLH)202_bench_irregular_flag_firepit_001.jpg

    A unique fire pit is faced in colorful stone.

  • /uploads/Schmidt(JH)003a.jpg

    Stone pavers create an interesting space in this landscape.

  • /uploads/Schwind(JLH)_1.jpg

    Don't rely on flowers for color; choose patio paving that brightens your landscape.

  • /uploads/Sinson(JLH)_6.jpg

    Natural stone never goes out of style!

  • /uploads/Terrazi-(VB).jpg

    Make an entrance with a patterned patio.

  • /uploads/whittemore(JLH)205.jpg

    Patios can be so much more than just a concrete slab; let us create something special in your backyard.

  • /uploads/x-7-20-09-079.jpg

    Timeless beauty! This historic home gets a lift from a new entry.

  • /uploads/x-10-6-09-058.jpg

    Mixed pavers and patterns make beautiful patios.

  • /uploads/x-100_0193_002.jpg

    Think concrete can't be cool? Check out this awesome baroque style concrete inlay patio under a gazebo.

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