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Paul Frank

  • Commercial Landscape Construction


    For large-scale landscape development, Paul Frank supervises grading, concrete pouring, brick laying, irrigation system installation, planting and more.

    Commercial Landscape Construction
  • Complete Landscape Services


    This picture of Town Square at Bayshore shows the finished landscape design, which we still maintain to protect the investment made in these green spaces.

    Complete Landscape Services
  • Masonry Design and Installation


    David J. Frank re-designed this area for Harley Davidson at Summer Fest. The brick paved walk and brick walls with bench seats are built to withstand heavy traffic at Milwaukee’s “big gig.”

    Masonry Design and Installation
  • Landscaping A Medical Facility


    The Blood Center of Wisconsin can be intimidating but its new landscape in the medical park in Wauwatosa welcomes people with shade trees, colorful flowers and soft ornamental grasses.

    Landscaping A Medical Facility
  • Green Roof In Milwaukee


    This “live” roof is planted with sedum and is bordered with planters for grasses. Paths encourage people to visit the rooftop garden for fresh air and exercise.

    Green Roof In Milwaukee
  • Lawn Sprinklers In Action


    An automated irrigation system makes watering the grass at Bayshore easy. People are constantly walking on the lawn here but proper care keeps the grass strong and healthy.

    Lawn Sprinklers In Action
  • Retention Pond Design


    Ponds are often required for stormwater management, but David J. Frank can make them as beautiful as they are functional with natural landscaping.

    Retention Pond Design
  • Functional Water Fountains


    The pond at Johnson Controls is aerated with jet fountains. In this picture, a crew from David J. Frank completes the landscape with garden planting.

    Functional Water Fountains
  • Company Patio With Outdoor Sculpture


    Large companies are investing in green space where visitors and staff can go to relax, like this courtyard raised planting beds and a unique piece of garden art for interest.

    Company Patio With Outdoor Sculpture

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