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Stairs - Steps

  • /uploads/08_A_Hartland_Residence.jpg

    A stone staircase makes a beautiful transition from the upper terrace to the patio below.

  • /uploads/IMG_3508.jpg

    A masonry staircase is a functional focal point in this elegant landscape.

  • /uploads/Sampson(JH)_105.jpg

    Terraced turf and stone form elegant steps along Lake Michigan.

  • /uploads/photo-3-(7)_001.jpg

    When a simple stoop won't do, let David J. Frank make an entrance!

  • /uploads/100_0136_001.jpg

    David J. Frank has an in-house carpentry department that custom builds wooden decks and stairwells.

  • /uploads/IMG_7083.jpg

    The lake is just a few steps away ... stone steps by David J. Frank!

  • /uploads/100_4978.jpg

    A sloping lot lends itself to terrace gardens and stone stairs.

  • /uploads/gershan_1(kae).jpg

    This front stoop has great style, thanks to an unusual shape and patterned inlay.

  • /uploads/08-18-06_7295.jpg

    Steps built into a retaining wall make it easy to enjoy your landscape on any level.

  • /uploads/IMG_8613.jpg

    Curved steps lead from the upper patio with a cable railing.

  • /uploads/013_001.jpg

    Large lannon stone steppers form a graceful stairway.

  • /uploads/014_001.jpg

    Manufactured block and steps are a time and cost effective alternative to natural stone.

  • /uploads/100_0157_001.jpg

    Lake access made easy - and beautiful - with stairs by David J. Frank.

  • /uploads/100_0610.jpg

    Don't let a steep slope limit your landscape; let us build you a stairway to heaven!

  • /uploads/100_0754.jpg

    The elevated patio with double staircase is a great alternative to a deck.

  • /uploads/101_0038.jpg

    A step up! These stairs also have a stone railing and lighting built into the pillar at the landing.

  • /uploads/100_1364.jpg

    Even plants like to climb these steps!

  • /uploads/100_1794.jpg

    A fieldstone retaining wall and stone steps make the most of this hilly backyard.

  • /uploads/100_2045.jpg

    Lannon steps compliment a lannonstone home.

  • /uploads/100_3493.jpg

    Stairs lead from the front of the home to the patio by the walk-out basement.

  • /uploads/awards-08-032.jpg

    Brick and stone are a classy, colorful combination for non-slip outdoor stairs.

  • /uploads/100_5013.jpg

    Wall stone and steps make a sunken backyard user friendly.

  • /uploads/100_5240_001.jpg

    Brick and stone-lined stairs lead to the clubhouse at the Bog Golf Course.

  • /uploads/100_5428_001.jpg

    A rustic home deserves equally rustic access via a stone staircase.

  • /uploads/101_0459.jpg

    Stone steps blend well with concrete in this brick-edged walk.

  • /uploads/102_4358.jpg

    A front stoop can be a focal point with patterned paving and elegant curved steps.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-08-13-055.jpg

    Clay pavers and stone steps create a lovely staircase.

  • /uploads/Apple(JH)_5.jpg

    Simple stone steps make this front stoop special.

  • /uploads/Capadona(JH)_3.jpg

    Outcropping stone and matching stone steppers make a sloped back yard accessible yet private.

  • /uploads/Carpentry-0015.jpg

    A curved wood stair case provides easy access from the deck to the yard.

  • /uploads/Clay-Paver-Path-Stone-Step-Lighting_001.jpg

    Climb the hill in style with this brick and stone stairwell.

  • /uploads/Cowell(JH)_3607.jpg

    Irregular stone on the landings complements the stone steps.

  • /uploads/desai7.jpg

    Crushed granite between stone steps forms and elegant curved outdoor stairs.

  • /uploads/DSC02076.jpg

    Elegant bluestone steps match the wall cap in this beautiful backyard.

  • /uploads/Gurican(JH)_2524.jpg

    Brick risers support stone steps in this patio by David J. Frank.

  • /uploads/Gurican(JH)_3127.jpg

    Natural stone and red clay pavers are the perfect combination for the entry of this brick home.

  • /uploads/Hartwick(JH)_424.jpg

    Blue stone and brick are used to create a colorful front stoop.

  • /uploads/Hartwick(JH)_2796.jpg

    Rough cut stone makes great steps for an informal landscape.

  • /uploads/Hartwick(JLH)8.jpg

    Wooden steps with a bluestone and brick landing dress up this deck.

  • /uploads/IMG_0143.jpg

    Lakeside steps made of landscape timbers and brick offer safe, no-slip access to the water.

  • /uploads/IMG_7080.jpg

    Outdoor stairs are essential at a lake home with a steep shoreline.

  • /uploads/Martin(JH)_2679.jpg

    Elements of the upper stone spa deck and the lower brick patio are combined in stone steps with red brick detail.

  • /uploads/IMG_20130718_113341_074.jpg

    Unilock steps are a popular choice for today's landscapes.

  • /uploads/img241.jpg

    Stone and slate are used in a unique outdoor stair case.

  • /uploads/Kellner-Slaneback-boulderwalls-(1).jpg

    A retaining wall surrounds this front landscape, with stone steps at the entry.

  • /uploads/McDonagh(JH)_2916.jpg

    Stairs blend into a wall of outcropping stone.

  • /uploads/Moore(JH)_2619.jpg

    Design detail incorporates matching brick into the stair risers.

  • /uploads/Natural-Stone-Steps_001.jpg

    Unilock walls and stairs offers many options for style and color.

  • /uploads/PUHL(JH)_4.jpg

    A concrete stoop doesn't do justice to a quality home; let us design something special!

  • /uploads/sampson04.jpg

    Lannonstone steps compliments the sandstone patio at this amazing home.

  • /uploads/Smith(JH)_221.jpg

    Interlocking pavers are a step up from a poured concrete stoop.

  • /uploads/Swanson3(kae).jpg

    A stone staircase goes through a retaining wall and down to a stamped concrete patio.

  • /uploads/Voelz(JH)_2036.jpg

    Where the wall ends, the steps begin!

  • /uploads/Wilson(JH)_590.jpg

    Great steps compliment their surroundings.

  • /uploads/Ziegler(JH)_205.jpg

    Step up to the spa! Blue stone steps surround this hot tub on all sides.

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