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  • /uploads/07-28-2005_5048.jpg

    Columns with decorative capstones help define the front boundary of this landscape.

  • /uploads/100_8244.jpg

    These entry columns have a unique brick pattern.

  • /uploads/laundrie(kae)_4.jpg

    Custom columns add vertical interest to a landscape and double as lighting and/or home identification.

  • /uploads/nienhuis(kae)_2.jpg

    Masonry columns provide stable footing for custom landscape structures.

  • /uploads/MacDon(AS)_4.jpg

    For homes set back from the road, columns announce the property.

  • /uploads/100_3359.jpg

    A simple column is an ideal way to display flowers or a piece of garden art.

  • /uploads/100_0545.jpg

    Fieldstone columns with built in lights are used as the base of this custom pergola.

  • /uploads/101_2950.jpg

    This unique walled walk has equally interesting caps on each column.

  • /uploads/0413111226_001.jpg

    This multi-purpose masonry column holds an address plaque, mail and newspapers, with a planter included on the side.

  • /uploads/braasch(kae)_2.jpg

    Columns that match the home also make the address easy to find and read.

  • /uploads/desai(kae)_13.jpg

    Brick columns, between iron fencing, form a partial wall at the entry.

  • /uploads/hines(kae)_3.jpg

    Including a light makes a home more secure and easy to find after dark.

  • /uploads/Putz(AS)_9.jpg

    More solid than a lamp post, columns add strength to the landscape.

  • /uploads/Robinson-(JH)-101.jpg

    This covered column supports privacy gates at this suburban residence.

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