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Great Gardens - Commercial

  • /uploads/100_1130.jpg

    This corporate facility has great gardens for a breath of fresh air.

  • /uploads/100_1656.jpg

    Raised planters at Monona Terrace transform this rooftop space into great gardens.

  • /uploads/IMG_4575.jpg

    Flowers are universally appealing and draw attention to your business.

  • /uploads/01-Murphy_006.jpg

    Great gardens are a sure sign of a healthy business!

  • /uploads/IMG_1746_001.jpg

    Smart businesses know that appearance DO matter - quality landscaping makes a great first impression.

  • /uploads/07-16-03-007.jpg

    Flower beds add personality to multi-family properties.

  • /uploads/2009-Alverno-044.jpg

    Alverno College has won national and state awards for its well-tended gardens.

  • /uploads/Bayshore-049.jpg

    Beds of astilbe line Silver Spring Drive near Bayshore, making shopping a colorful adventure.

  • /uploads/Ellsworth-07-22-09-(8).jpg

    A break room without walls! This corporate office includes a patio perfect for lunchtime breaks.

  • /uploads/100_2496.jpg

    Gardens at this company offers an escape in the busy city.

  • /uploads/100_2526.jpg

    David J. Frank in Madison helps make the Capitol more beautiful, with a capital "B".

  • /uploads/100_0953_001.jpg

    A retaining wall is softened with tall grasses, hostas, purple coneflowers and more.

  • /uploads/100_1057.jpg

    Planting beds surround Potowatomi in the Milwaukee River Valley.

  • /uploads/100_3316_001.jpg

    Limited space can still be well landscaped, like this walkway at Milwaukee condos.

  • /uploads/100_1335.jpg

    Common grounds at these condos are landscaped with beds of annual and perennial flowers.

  • /uploads/100_1485-mad.jpg

    Condominium dwellers enjoy welcoming, colorful flowers that require little care.

  • /uploads/100_1871.jpg

    Colorful entry beds help attract customers to businesses of all kinds.

  • /uploads/100_4950.jpg

    Natural gardens of prairie flowers surround Johnson Controls in Glendale, a platinum certified LEED facility.

  • /uploads/102_0684.jpg

    Monona Terrace is an amazing green space, with gardens that make it a destination place for Capitol employees on break.

  • /uploads/2009-Alverno-057.jpg

    This campus is more comfortable, thanks to colorful gardens and relaxing green spaces.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-07-23-052.jpg

    Commercial landscaping is designed to compliment each company, like this simple but elegant planting design for a prestigious Milwaukee business.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-08-20-044.jpg

    Alverno College is committed to creating a quality on-campus experience.

  • /uploads/DSC_0068.jpg

    This corporate headquarters in Pleasant Prairie was landscaped to blend into the natural surroundings.

  • /uploads/DSCN2021.jpg

    Johnson Controls in Glendale features an award-winning sustainable landscape with native plantings.

  • /uploads/froedtert.jpg

    Froedtert Hospital understands the calming influence of nature and welcomes patients with flowers in every season.

  • /uploads/IMG_0235.jpg

    Great gardens surround Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa.

  • /uploads/IMG_1622.jpg

    The grounds at this Class A business park are filled with walking paths to encourage employee wellness.

  • /uploads/IMG_2825_001.jpg

    Even parking lots can be pretty, if you include islands of hardy perennials.

  • /uploads/IMG_3537.jpg

    Make an entrance - landscaping at this commercial property reflects a commitment to quality.

  • /uploads/JCI-005.jpg

    A large corporate site uses low-maintenance prairie gardens to promote a positive image and sustainability.

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