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Paving - Walks

  • /uploads/100_6906_001.jpg

    Stone pavers make a perfect path through this informal, wooded landscape.

  • /uploads/Hines-(KAE)-1.jpg

    Two stone steppers set in brick are an eye-catching accent.

  • /uploads/100_1085.jpg

    Stamped concrete and cobbles create an elegant path.

  • /uploads/100_5621.jpg

    Irregular steppers in the turf form a partially paved path.

  • /uploads/100_3357_001.jpg

    Brick and bluestone paths welcome you to this stunning rose garden.

  • /uploads/100_3487ab_001.jpg

    Elements of the home design are matched in the paving pattern of this front walk.

  • /uploads/main(kae)_17.jpg

    Make an entrance ... columns and a circular inset add interest to this front walk.

  • /uploads/100_3744.jpg

    Unique paving combinations add style at the front stoop.

  • /uploads/101_0116.jpg

    A colorful landscape includes a colorful hardscape - red brick and bluestone add flare!

  • /uploads/IMG_1428.jpg

    Crushed granite is used for this walking path at a corporate site in Menomonee Falls.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-07-06-026.jpg

    Brick edging holds crushed granite and stone steppers in place on this garden path.

  • /uploads/100_9494_001.jpg

    Bluestone pavers are a step up in any landscape!

  • /uploads/IMG_3275.jpg

    An elegant path leads to an impressive fountain.

  • /uploads/Staacke(JH)003.jpg

    There's nothing like natural stone for great color and lasting style.

  • /uploads/riederer(JLH)201.jpg

    Small pieces of stone from a larger patio project are perfect for giving this walk a colorful edge.

  • /uploads/photo-1-(3)_002.jpg

    Mixed media! Different types of brick and stone are used in this inspired hardscape.

  • /uploads/Fink8.jpg

    Several paving options define different areas of the landscape.

  • /uploads/Putz-landing1.jpg

    Clay pavers and a stone inset make this a walk to remember.

  • /uploads/Luedtke-(VCB).jpg

    Color blocking! Brick borders line blocks of concrete to form a custom front walk.

  • /uploads/laundrie(kae).jpg

    This paving pattern is an unique as the homeowners!

  • /uploads/Martin(JH)003.jpg

    Clay pavers add rich color to this garden path.

  • /uploads/2012-04-03-08-06-23.jpg

    A brick home is nicely finished with brick-lined walks.

  • /uploads/100_6886_002.jpg

    A simple brick border is an affordable upgrade for concrete walks.

  • /uploads/abitz3-(vcb)_bluestone_stoop_Walk.jpg

    Accents of natural blue stone dress up this front walk.

  • /uploads/BDT(JH)003.jpg

    Steppers set in the lawn lead to the lakefront!

  • /uploads/Capen(AS)_2_Brick_boarder_concrete_Walk.jpg

    Brick from the home reaches out into the landscape as a border for the concrete walks.

  • /uploads/diana_1249.jpg

    Simple steppers curved along this side landscape.

  • /uploads/Epstein(JLH)69.jpg

    Natural stone is as durable as it is beautiful.

  • /uploads/Ericson(JH)003c.jpg

    Bluestone is not just blue - it comes in shades of gray, browns and blues for great mosaics.

  • /uploads/gallun(kae)_2_002.jpg

    A brick path with stone steps leads to backyard pool and gazebo.

  • /uploads/Haischer-(KAE)-1.jpg

    Natural stone is ideal for informal landscapes or to preserve a sense of history at an older site.

  • /uploads/Herro-(KAE)-1.jpg

    Mix up the colors, textures and shapes for a fun front entry.

  • /uploads/IMG_3707.jpg

    Patterned clay pavers compliment the style and colors of this home.

  • /uploads/Johan(JH)003.jpg

    A front walk welcomes guests with the colors of red brick and bluestone.

  • /uploads/july-18-2011-si-123.jpg

    Stone risers help the brick walk and stoop blend with the home.

  • /uploads/Krier-(VCB)_001.jpg

    Hip to be square! The geometric paving matches the angles of the walk, wall and water feature.

  • /uploads/Moore(JH)003.jpg

    A wide front walk invites you to this wonderful home.

  • /uploads/Osborne(JLH)_1_Pawnee_Concrete.jpg

    It's all in the angles. Concrete and brick form a great front walkway.

  • /uploads/Schmidt(JH)003.jpg

    Stone add style in an elegant front entry.

  • /uploads/Schwind(JH)003.jpg

    Midway up this front walk, blue stone and cobbles meet in a circular accent surrounded by roses.

  • /uploads/Treib(JH)003.jpg

    Smooth move! This new front walk adds elegance for a high-end retailer.

  • /uploads/Voelz(JH)_205.jpg

    The beauty of brick is that it can be easily cut to create interesting patterns.

  • /uploads/White(JH)_652.jpg

    Use pathlights to bring out the color of a brick sidewalk, even after dark.

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