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Zach Lieven

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    Why leave home? Invest in your landscape and you'll love your next stay-cation!

  • Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards


    Several features can be included in a small patio, like this pergola, grilling station with built in bench and a center rose garden.

    Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards
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    A great planting plant is the foundation of a fantastic landscape.

  • /uploads/06-Augustin_003.jpg

    The spa deck is surrounded by water and covered by a pergola, making it feel like a true oasis.

  • /uploads/DSCN0414.jpg

    Outdoor entertaining at its best! A large bar under a sun sail includes fire bowls at each end for evening fun!

  • /uploads/09-Zarr_004.jpg

    This outdoor kitchen by Zach Lieven includes a custom, no-maintenance synthetic pergola.

  • Rosy Outlook


    Successful businesses look the part, so a healthy landscape promotes a positive public image for companies of all sizes.

    Rosy Outlook
  • /uploads/12-Augustin_003.jpg

    An outdoor fireplace and curved seating wall surround this patio dining area with adjacent spa.

  • Outdoor Kitchen


    Backyard landscape designs often include areas for preparing and serving food. This photo shows how cedar shade structures can be included to make the patio feel like a second kitchen.

    Outdoor Kitchen
  • /uploads/14-Murphy_004.jpg

    Water features, like this recirculating waterfall, is the focal point of a backyard landscape.

  • Islands of Interest


    Groups of trees break up this large lawn. At their bases, beds of groundcovering plants, impatiens and shade tolerant perennials add interest and color.

    Islands of Interest
  • Make A Campfire At Home


    A fire pit with comfortable adirondeck chairs is set away from the dining area so guests aren't bothered by smoke while relaxing on the main patio.

    Make A Campfire At Home
  • /uploads/Augustin-077_001.jpg

    A stone staircase is flanked by a waterfall in this custom landscape by Zach Lieven.

  • Fountains and Flowers


    A simple self-contained, recirculating fountain is a fun and easy backyard addition. The the big white flowers of the hydrangea behind it provide long lasting beauty and interest.

    Fountains and Flowers
  • Cobblestone Pavers


    Cobbled walks intersect and invite guests into this traditional perennial garden.

    Cobblestone Pavers
  • Barberry Border


    Barberry makes a colorful border and contrasts well with evergreen and flowering shrubs.

    Barberry Border
  • Large Flower Beds


    In this picture, hardy plants like sedum, russian sage, black eyed susans, heuchera and shrub roses thrive in hot, high traffic areas.

    Large Flower Beds
  • Landscaping a Pool


    Landscaping around a pool usually considers the need for privacy. Pine trees and climbing vines not only offer green screening but also soften the look of necessary fencing.

    Landscaping a Pool
  • Garden Path


    Several varieties of shrubs and evergreens contribute to this lush but low maintenance landscape. Ornamental landscaping trees stand out in this green space.

    Garden Path
  • Step Up With Annual Color


    Simple but elegant stone steps are accented with colorful arrangements of potted annual flowers.

    Step Up With Annual Color
  • Fenced Garden


    These Milwaukee townhomes have small frontyard gardens. Wrought iron fencing, hedges and thick ground plants enhance both beauty and security.

    Fenced Garden
  • Small Garden, Big Impact


    Masses of annual flowers make a bold statement in small areas. Even with limited sunlight, hostas and impatiens are bright.

    Small Garden, Big Impact
  • Foundation Plantings


    Gardens help frame a home and make it unique, even in single-builder subdivisions. Foundation planting designs can also help save energy by offering shade and screening for the home.

    Foundation Plantings
  • Stone Stairway


    Grade changes can be challenging but natural stone staircases like this make it easier to access all areas.

    Stone Stairway
  • Business Landscaping


    Hotels, restaurants and other service businesses need to look inviting at all times. Quality landscaping is "on duty" 24 hours a day to make a good first impression.

    Business Landscaping
  • Still Room for Landscaping


    Even at sites that are mostly concrete and asphalt, there is still room for natural beauty. Container gardens and island beds are welcome additions to these hardscapes.

    Still Room for Landscaping
  • Corporate Landscapes


    Professional landscaping adds color to the often black and white world of business. This picture shows how flowering spirea, day lilies and annual impatiens enhance an office entry.

    Corporate Landscapes
  • Landscaping With Grasses


    Perennial or ornamental grasses add texture and interest to a landscape, yet require very little maintenance.

    Landscaping With Grasses

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