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Jeffrey Miller

  • Native Gardens at Potawatomi


    When landscaping the casino in Milwaukee, the landscape architect was mindful of using native plants, which represent Wisconsin's natural environments and also require minimal maintenance.

    Native Gardens at Potawatomi
  • Natural Landscape Design


    Colorful perennials and flowering and evergreen shrubs are used in the landscape at Potawatomi. Landscaping rocks and boulders were added to beds for natural interest.

    Natural Landscape Design
  • Landscaping Around A Pond


    Evergreen trees and shrubs drop little debris that can clog a pond filter, so they - along with some accent plants - are excellent choices for pond design.

    Landscaping Around A Pond
  • Landscaping A Front Yard


    This brick entry is the focal point of a landscape that includes a small ornamental tree, shrubs, groundcover plants and perennials. There is little grass that requires mowing yet the landscape doesn't overwhelm the front lot.

    Landscaping A Front Yard
  • Small Space, Big Impact


    The corner bed of bright impatients, surrounded by a korean boxwood hedge, is perfect for this small space near the garden gate.

    Small Space, Big Impact
  • Raised Patio


    This bluestone patio is slightly above the grade of the lawn, helping to define the boundaries of this new space.

    Raised Patio
  • Landscape Ideas For Office Buildings


    Even the modern architecture of this large professional office allows for landscaping. An evergreen border surrounds a display of annual flowers.

    Landscape Ideas For Office Buildings
  • Backyard Landscaping


    A small fenced yard can hold great landscape potential. The brick patio provides an intimate space for relaxing among planted and potted flowers. Perennials soften the fenceline and brighten the shady yard.

    Backyard Landscaping

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