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Week 1: 

  • Mulch bulb and flower beds after ground is frozen.
  • Purchase seasonal decorations.
  • Complete winter covering of tender shrubs and perennials.
  • Complete any fall clean-up activities in the yard. 

Week 2: 

  • Monitor plant material for rodent damage. Place vole bait at the base of evergreens where they often nest.
  • Continue winterizing tools and equipment as needed.
  • Make notes of any changes you'd like to see in the landscape next season.
  • Trimmed evergreen branches can be used to cover bed areas. 

Week 3: 

  • Make sure winter rodent protect is in place with adequate bait.
  • Winter the lawn mower and roto-tiller.
  • Avoid piling snow onto landscape plants and shrubs.
  • Avoid heavy salt usage to prevent damage. 

Week 4: 

  • Remove any leaf accumulation or debris on lawn.
  • Check rodent traps and bait stations.
  • Watch for voles, which tunnel under the snow to feed on your grass. 


  • Let DJFLCI design and install holiday lights and decorations.
  • Use old nylons to tie the tips of multi-stemmed arborvitae together. This will prevent snow and ice from splitting the plant apart without chaping.
  • Call DJFLCI to start planning spring projects.