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Week 1:

  • Weather permitting, pruning can be accomplished for crossed branches; some thinning will improve airflow and shape.
  • Check lawn for mole damage and snow mold, which is pinkish grey in color.
  • Check landscape material for rodent damage.
  • Check and rebait traps. 

Week 2:

  • Request garden catalogs for ideas.
  • Ask a DJFLCI rep to assist you with plans for your new garden plants and bed areas. 

Week 3:

  • Continue tool repair and replacement.
  • Check winter covering on tender plants.
  • Check garden hose couplings for repair. 

Week 4:

  • Start placing orders for plant materials.
  • Check storage of summer bulbs for rotting, drying out or sprouting; discard damaged bulbs. 


Consider adding something fun to your landscape – maybe a water feature or a putting green. Your DJFLCI rep can help with ideas and quotes.