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Week 1:

  • Continue to perform weekly moisture meter checks of new plant materials, if spring has been dry.
  • Perform maintenance and repair on walkways, i.e. regrouting, water sealing, etc.
  • Last chance to install new plant materials before leaves emerge.
  • Last chance to apply pre-emergent crabgrass herbicides.
  • Start seeding new lawn areas when soil temperature is above 50 degrees; water daily.
  • Activate irrigation system and perform necessary maintenance.

Week 2:

  • Install or repair heaved edging.
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs after danger of frost.
  • Put out plant supports for emerging perennials.
  • Edge flower, vegetable and tree circle beds.
  • Apply systemic insecticides to plant materials with previous insect problems.
  • Amend flower and vegetable gardens per soil analysis.

Week 3:

  • Continue putting out plant supports for perennials
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs and vines after they have finished blooming.
  • Avoid spraying insecticides during flowering periods.
  • Weather permitting, start planting annuals.
  • Apply broadleaf weed killers before seed heads develop.
  • Operate irrigation system as needed, based on moisture meter readings.
  • Perform maintenance on exterior low voltage lighting.
  • If not already complete, remove soil mound around roses and add fertilizer.

Week 4:

  • Mow lawn as needed.
  • Check landscape plants for insects and disease.
  • Fill planters with soil, allowing for drainage.
  • Keep weeds under control by pulling or applying spot treatments.
  • Continue insect/disease spraying on apple and crab trees.
  • Keep turning and moistening the compost pile.
  • Fertilize the lawn, if not already done in April, or six weeks after last fertilization.
  • At first sign of insect damage, apply systemic insecticide spray to birch and cockspur hawthorn trees.


Fertilize peonies and place with support rings to prevent drooping.

Divide spring blooming perennials if crowded after blooming.