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Week 1:

  • Plant spring flowering bulbs with fertilizer and water.
  • Be prepared for the first hard frost.
  • De-thatch the lawn if needed.
  • Water trees, shrubs and evergreens deeply to prepare them for winter.
  • Make sure to rake leaves as they accumulate, and add them to your compost pile.
  • Make an appointment to have irrigation lines and values drained and winterized.
  • Check gutters, catch basins and end caps on drainage systems.
  • Continue weed control in flower and vegetable gardens.

Week 2:

  • Winterize irrigation system by draining water lines and valves.
  • Store pesticides in cool dry place where they won't freeze.
  • Remove plant foliage from perennials as they fade and die back.
  • Keep mowing the lawn; short grass helps prevent rodent damage and disease.

Week 3:

  • Starting planning for and purchasing winter covering protection.
  • Start installing winter rodent protection.
  • Spray anti-desiccant to broadleaf evergreens and selected groundcovers, reading instructions carefully.
  • Drain and winterize fountains, ponds, etc.
  • Winterize lighting systems and check for any frayed wiring.

Week 4:

  • Leave ornamental grasses standing for winter interest. Seed-bearing perennials can be left for the birds. Remove other frost-damaged plants for composting.
  • Lay alternate drain tile pipe above ground to sump lines.
  • Empty ornamental pots of soil to avoid freezing damage, and store or cover to protect from the elements.
  • Install rodent protection around vulnerable shrubs.
  • Consider green plastic netting to protect evergreens from deer damage.
  • Cultivate soil for early spring drying.
  • Make sure your irrigation system has been winterized or you could have costly freezing damage.


Let DJFLCI help you will fall preparations on a project basis, or include them in part of your annual maintenance plan.

Meet with a DJFLCI rep to plan now for winter or early spring construction of new landscape features.