As of today, David J. Frank Landscape Contracting has gone 1,460 consecutive days—four years!— with no lost time due to accidents, a safety stat that stands out in the green industry.

No lost time is no easy feat in the landscaping business, where heavy machinery, power equipment, and Mother Nature present everyday hazards. The list of preventative measures to ensure safety is long and requires diligence.

“The proactive safety culture we have fostered over the years has led to this remarkable four-year streak, which is the longest in our history,” said President David R. Frank. “I am proud of our team members’ vigilance and impressed by their continuous commitment in making safety our number-one priority.”

In addition to open internal communication and transparency regarding incidents, ongoing company practices for nearly 300 employees include: weekly safety meetings; company training accreditation courses and workshops; OSHA-10 training and certification programs; training sessions on new equipment and procedures; and safety recognition and rewards.