David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc. was founded in 1959 by legendary landscaper David J. Frank, who passed away on February 9, 2019. Six decades later, his award-winning company is one of the largest landscape contractors in the nation.

An entrepreneur at the early age of 9, Frank began mowing lawns in his Shorewood neighborhood on Downer Avenue.  By 12, he was already caring for more than 30 neighboring homes.  He liked to boast that he was the only one at school who had a Federal ID number and business insurance.

Over the years, the hard-working, lawn-mowing whiz kid developed into a sharp businessman whose company grew and prospered.  Today, the company currently employs more than 300 professionals working out of six branch locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin, making it the employer of the largest landscape workforce in the state.

The company has been recognized with hundreds of state and national awards for excellence in landscape design and construction as well as landscape management. Our commercial and residential services include: Design-build, landscape management, lawn care, tree care, irrigation, snow and ice management, holiday décor, and interiorscape.

A pioneer in the industry, Frank originated advances in the industry by creating in-house video training and marketing programs, proactive service strategies, and safety initiatives.  His experience and expertise made him a sought-after speaker for industry seminars and publications.

Frank was equally as passionate about his employees as he was about landscaping. He led the formation of the company’s “Great Place to Work” program, which encourages professional development and positive recognition. Always a visionary, Frank and his son, current company President and Chief Financial Officer David R. Frank, diligently developed the next generation of leaders to ensure the organization’s success.

“My father’s goal from the very first day was to delight clients through great customer service,” said David R. Frank. “His mission is strongly woven into our culture and will continue to guide our company’s commitment to excellence.”