The green roof we finished installing late last year at Innovation Campus in Wauwatosa is the largest green roof in Wisconsin. It is now also the first project in the state to be awarded certification for sustainable and resilient landscape development under the Sustainable SITES Initiative rating system that is administered by Green Business Certification Inc., the world’s leading sustainability and health certification and credentialing body.

Innovation Campus is adjacent to County Grounds Park, one of the largest and last remaining undeveloped areas in Milwaukee County. It is home to various wildlife species, including several endangered species. The 65,000-square-foot green roof atop the 633-stall parking structure will help protect the area’s ecosystem.

It took the work of 20 team members from three departments—landscape construction, landscape management, and irrigation—to complete the king-sized project.

Our expertise in sustainability has made us the go-to company for green roofs, bioswales, and water conservation and reclamation projects.