Client Need

This was an extension of the original project we did in 2010-11. The goal was to make both W-1 and W-2 campuses look like a seamless connection. The installation of 20-22 foot evergreens across the borders and berms was a start!


Like W-1, we agreed to continue with a “North Woods” look versus a typical corporate campus look. We created this “forest” feel by installing evergreens with interspersed clusters of Whitespire birch. We also did a prairie mix on both sides of the berms (on each side of the building) to mimic W-1.

Favorite Element

The berms. The one on the south end is massive at 35-40 feet tall. When you stand on one end of this 1.2 million square-foot campus and look a quarter mile down, this berm and its big trees seem to “rise up” like mountains!

Biggest Challenge

When you’re starting a project of this scope and scale, it is difficult to coordinate with vendors in terms of scheduling and needing supplies at a certain time. Dave Grillaert did a fantastic job of getting Northern Nursey on board with the number and size of plants we needed!

Valuable Participants

Mike Mauer, Jesus Cervantes, Orlando Cervantes, Glafiro Hernandez, Tony Shapowal, Jesse Baerber, Ramiro Gonzalez, Landon Stucky, Gary McCarthy, Hugo Adame and Antonio Martinez

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Stunning Corporate Headquarters
This busy headquarters and distribution center values the landscape creating a woodland feel.