For trees, winter is the perfect time. Our woody friends are at rest so pruning produces little or no stress and trees are not producing soft growth that can be damaged. Also, the structure of trees and branches can easily be seen. For homeowners, there is less disruption to their homelife now and come spring their trees will be healthier than ever. And for landscapers it’s more convenient because it’s a slow time of year for us.

Are your landscape plants encroaching on your patio? Are shrubs blocking your view out your window? Dormant pruning makes mature plants look good as new and rejuvenates and extends the life of your plants. Pruning also enhances light and air circulation reducing disease activity.

Tree pruning is usually not a DIY project. At David J. Frank, we have a well credentialed and trained team consisting of four certified arborists and 15 crew members skilled at tree and plant care.