Extends Longest Streak in Company History

As of today, David J. Frank Landscape Contracting has gone 1,825 consecutive days—five years!—with no lost time due to accidents, extending the longest streak in company history.
“This streak began under the guidance of our founder and my father, David J. Frank. He would be so proud of this monumental milestone,” said CEO and President David R. Frank. “He was passionate about safety and protective of our Team Members, and he understood that implementing safe practices was important to the stability of the company.”
Like many outdoor careers, the combination of heavy equipment, power tools, and fluctuating weather conditions present landscape workers with daily risks. Keeping the company’s 250 employees safe requires diligence, and this safety streak is no accident.
“Our company culture revolves around safety,” Frank said. “We use a combination of training, education, communication, and rewards.”
The company’s emphasis on safety includes: identifying potential safety hazards before going to a new jobsite; weekly safety meetings; jobsite visits by the company safety committee; company training accreditation courses and workshops; OSHA-10 training and certification programs; training sessions on new equipment and procedures; safety articles in the weekly company newsletter; and safety recognition and rewards.