David J. Frank Landscape has gone seven years—over 3.4 million hours—without a lost-time incident, extending the longest streak in the company’s 63-year history. A company outing to celebrate the incredible streak was held at the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game on July 26.

“Safety is our top priority, but even we are amazed at the length of this streak,” said CEO/President David R. Frank. “It has become a real source of pride for our team members and nobody wants the streak to end.”

What makes the streak impressive is that nearly 100 crews are dispatched daily to residential and public sites where 250 team members use heavy machinery and power equipment at locations that present their own set of unique safety challenges.

“Our insurance company has over 10,000 customers and we are on our way to having the best MOD rate of all their clients,” Frank said. “They describe our safety streak as achieving the impossible.”

This safety streak is no accident. Our emphasis on safety includes: 

  • Identifying potential safety hazards before going to a new job site
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Jobsite visits by the company safety committee
  • Company training accreditation courses and workshops
  • OSHA-10 training and certification programs
  • Training sessions on new equipment and procedures
  • Safety articles in the weekly company newsletter
  • Safety recognition and rewards