Longest streak in company history–six years and counting.

David J. Frank Landscape Contracting has gone 2,190 consecutive days with no lost time due to accidents, a streak that standouts in the green industry.

“Safety has been ingrained in our culture for years, so we have had long stretches without a lost-time incident before, but never anything like this,” said CEO/President David R. Frank. “It’s a testament to our team members’ dedication to keeping each other safe.”

When you take into account that the combination of heavy machinery, power equipment, and Mother Nature present daily dangers to landscape workers, six years is even more remarkable.

With over 3,000 pieces of equipment and 250 landscape workers, David J. Frank is one of the largest landscapers in Wisconsin. Nearly 100 crews are dispatched daily to residential and public sites, where every project is different and presents their own set of unique safety challenges

This safety streak is no accident

Our emphasis on safety includes identifying potential safety hazards before going to a new jobsite; weekly safety meetings; jobsite visits by the company safety committee; company training accreditation courses and workshops; OSHA-10 training and certification programs; training sessions on new equipment and procedures; safety articles in the weekly company newsletter; and safety recognition and rewards.

This was so impressive it reached Industry News!