We would like to express our gratitude to our clients who collaborated with us to present their prized properties for consideration. This summer, these properties will be entered in the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Award of Excellence program.


Award Category: Commercial Landscape Construction
Professional Landscape Architect: Jeff Hershberger

MOWA, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, is in downtown West Bend. The completion of the landscape transformed this formerly blighted site into the city’s star attraction. Read more

Camp Johnson

Award Category: Residential Landscape Construction
Associate Landscape Architect: Zach Lieven

Getting this distinctive modern-style landscape to look as if it flowed right into the house, located in northern Wisconsin (245 miles away from our headquarters!), was far from easy. Read more

Schlitz Park

Award Category: Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Client Services Representative, Master in Urban Planning: Ryan Treleven

Schlitz, a big-time beer brewer back in the day, has gone from beer to begonias (4,800 of them!) The landscape management at Schlitz Park has made this one of the state’s most colorful, attractive, and desirable office parks. Read more


Award Category: Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Client Services Representative, MUP: Ryan Treleven

After constructing the two spacious green roofs with 10,000 square feet of outdoor courtyard common areas, we manage this fantastic landscape to help keep occupancy full. Read more

Ethereal Oasis

Award Category: Residential Landscape Maintenance
Client Services Representative: Zach Lieven

The client loves to randomly buy plants and leave them for our crew to install without direction, challenging them to use their creativity to captivate her. Our crew never knows what unusual requests await them. Read more