Exacting Standards

The client has extremely high expectations and an eye for detail. They used three different landscaping companies to manage the property before we took over the account in 2014, making us the longest-tenured landscaping company they have had. Candlewick is the name they have given their prized property, which is the gem of their affluent neighborhood in the suburban countryside.

Favorite Element

The modified English garden is the focal point of the five-acre estate.

Multiple Needs

Candlewick is managed for two contrasting client needs. They love to entertain, much more than most people. But they also like to relax and reflect in various peaceful settings on the property, most often in the English garden.

Different heights are managed to provide privacy for those areas on the property and many different colors, textures, and shapes are managed to satisfy the need for serenity. Consistent watering with regular pruning and fertilizing keep flowers alluring, which contributes to the ambiance.

Being out in the country, all this lushness is deliciousness for deer and insects. To limit the deer damage, annuals and hostas are sprayed two to three times a month and all arborvitaes are wrapped. Monthly integrated pest management is used for insects and is challenging because the client has specified that chemicals can only be used as a last resort.

Because they entertain often, the size, color, and textures on display in the dense planting beds need detailed management because of their high visibility on the property. Extra visits are required to make sure the property looks its best during events. Turnaround times need to be fast usually, which is always a challenge for a property of this size.

End Result

The client has a great appreciation for the crew’s results. It is a compliment to their hard work that the client shares the beauty of Candlewick with so many visitors.

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French Delight
We have maintained the magnificent grounds that surround a French chateau-style home since 2015. It’s no surprise that it was awarded a 2021 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Gold Medal for Residential Landscape Maintenance.