The Mission

This northwest Milwaukee property had lost its luster. Parkland Center was renovated. The client completed nearly a dozen green initiatives and in 2012, the building received a LEED Gold Certification. Up next was the landscaping, which they wanted to match their sustainability efforts and their new and improved facilities. We were hired to manage the property in 2013 to help rejuvenate the “new” 18-acre Parkland Center and provide a modern and inviting work environment for employees and visitors.

The Makeover

Before we landscaped the entire property, we put it through an enormous renovation. The building foundation had to be dug out and the flashing repaired, causing us to remove all the vegetation along with the building and re-plant after each section of flashing was completed.

We replanted all the parking lot islands and re-landscaped the café area, removed troubled trees over the years like the Austrian pines, and replaced them with Wisconsin-native trees. All trees are now kept stately under our care.

All three entrance sign beds have been re-landscaped and there is now three-season color. We also provide four-season interest in their containers and install holiday decorating inside the main entrance. Vivid tulips provide spring beauty and signal that summer is near.

Mowing crews keep Parkland Avenue looking park-like by managing the expansive lawn areas. Everything looks great when it is blooming, but the great technical work the crew does makes sure everything still looks attractive when it is not.

Project Success? Yes!

The client used the power of landscaping to attract new and impressive businesses to take up occupancy, including two global financial ones. Parkland Avenue used to be a hidden gem, but other property managers in the area have taken notice of our efforts and have begun to improve their properties with landscaping.

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Headquarters Happiness
Badger acknowledged that their 25-acre grounds were not indicative of a global leader and partnered with us five years ago to resurrect the landscaping at their global headquarters and bring it in line with their modern facilities.